5 Online Dating Tips For Women By Nina Agdal

There I was making a delicious Simple Single Man Meal™ when I then hear a notification on my phone go off. The sound indicates a potential hook-up from Tinder.

Wonderful, another woman has fallen victim of my mass-swiping technique. Let’s check this broad out:

dcllive nina and me.jpg

Wow! It’s none other then 24 year old world famous Danish super model, and future mother of my many children, Nina Agdal.

Could this be true? Could this be real?

Absolutely not. Just another ad. Let’s see what she’s selling:


Nice copywriting, Nina.

Best dating tips you say, well let’s check them out and see how good they are.

5 Online Dating Tips For Women By Nina Agdal

Tip #1: Wear a bright color in your profile pic to stand out.


Nina, I must say, that mustard shirt really brings out your tits eyes. Good on ya.

Peacocks (the male peafowl) are usually the ones showing their feathers to court peahens (the female peafowl). But don’t let that fowl patriarchy hold you down!

Show some color!

Tip #2: Smile! Not smiling in your profile pic reduces your chances for a right swipe.


Nina, I couldn’t agree with you more. About %50 of the women I see on Tinder aren’t smiling. What gives?

Are these women that don’t smile trying look rough and tough? Do these women think we like that? Do some guys like that? I’ve never heard a dude say, “Omg D, her grimace is such a turn on! Her wry amusement makes me feel kind of funny in the pants.”

Also, good call Nina, that mustard shirt looks better around your waist. You should show more skin.

Tip #3: Include a bio in you profile to help start the converstations.


It’s amazing how little info we guys have to work with when it comes to online dating profiles. Ladies, if you just have pictures of you and your friends, and no bio, it’s kind of hard to start the conversation. And we all know you gals aren’t the ones usually making the first move.

A link to your Instagram or Snapchat account doesn’t count. All that tells me is that you’re just a social media horder.

But, then again, that could be your way of filtering out the losers. The guys that add you to all that shit are probably pussies. In that case, very clever ladies, very clever.

But seriously, put something of substance in your profile bio.

Tip #4: 60% of singles prefer an evening date.


Why do you think that is Nina? I’d like to think it’s because singles have shit to do in the day time – like work or school – like I do. But I think it’s because another reason: so they can drink they’re faces off.

There’s something about the night time that brings out peoples darker sides and an excuse to lower inhibitions, especally when drinking.

A caveat to that: summer is coming so patio drinking is upon us. I bet that 60% may drop closer to half in the coming months.

Tip #5: Most singles prefer the clean shaven look for guys.


Nina, I’m not sure I totally agree with you on this one. I’ve had women compliment my manly mane and also my clean shaven countenance.

Which brings me to believe women don’t know what they want. But Nina, you already knew that.

Let’s recap:

5 Online Dating Tips For Women By Nina Agdal
  1. Wear bright colors in your profile pic, because evolution says so
  2. Smile, because nobody likes a Debbie Downer
  3. Include a bio in your profile, becuase we can’t read you goddamn mind, give us something to work with
  4. Suggest a date at night, because people usually have their nights open to getting down and drity
  5. Shave your face, because no woman likes a nu-male faux-beard

Nina, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help fellow gals out with the roller coaster ride that is the currect dating market. You’re doing us a great service.

And now, why we all clicked the link to read this post, some pictures of Nina:

nina agdal 1.jpg

nina agdal 3.jpg

nina agdal 4.jpg

nina agdal 6.jpg

nina agdal 7.jpg


How many times throughout your life have you had a woman say something like, “For this to work I need some things to change.”

No doubt if you’ve thrown yourself to the wolves put yourself out there, tried and failed with women, then you’ve heard versions of the line above.

Not too long ago, I was given an ultimatum.

Exhibit A:

dcllive the talk.jpg

Here we go. Lets break this down some.

I always ask if you want to come over. I see you once a week, if I’m lucky.

I don’t mind this formula. Works for me.

…and at the beginning it was fine but now I’m starting to really like you and I want more.

You really like me. Have you ever considered that you like me, because you only see me once a week, because I’m not always available, and because you’re lucky (heh)?

More eh. What do you suppose “more” means fellas? More means time. More of me.

Women control sex. Men control commitment (make sure the first commitment is yourself).

I know you’re busy and everything with school and work, but like even just coming over every now and then and spending the night before school.

Yes I am busy. Again, that’s why you like me!

Idk I’m rambling I know I’m sorry I’m just upset and I want this to work but for it to work I need some things to change

And there it is guys. The beautiful cognitive dissidence.

(hey I’m guilty of that too sometimes)

Or perhaps she was on her period?

Regardless of the reason, it’s still nutter.

She likes me, but thinks I have to change. How the fuck doesn’t she see that, if I change she won’t like me anymore!

And also, why not change yourself if you think you want more? Why do I have to do anything?

Here was my response:

dcllive the talk 2.jpg

I don’t care anymore if a woman gives me an ultimatum.

What exactly am I losing? Pussy? Okay. There’s an app for that.

This sort of thing has happened to me in every relationship I’ve been in. I ‘make changes’ and the woman I’m with stops liking me.

Now I’m not blaming them for that. It was me who changed. But it sure is revealing to me how women can say conflicting things like this.

I know a bunch of you just went, “Ya no shit D. Women have been saying conflicting shit like this for centuries” and to that I say, you’re right.

But I’m the type of guy who needs to see and be a part of this RP stuff. I cannot just read about it and accept that it’s true. An RP lens on life is tough but necessary.

I tried my hardest to not come off as boyfriend material. She made several efforts to go on trips with me, eg. camping, road trip, and overnight in a hotel. All are fun things. But I didn’t want to be doing that in the middle of the semester. So I cancelled.

My reason was I was busy with school. Yes, it’s shitty when someone cancels plans with you, but hey, that’s life.

We would have great sex. She called me daddy. But there was no way in hell this broad was more than a sex friend. This is probably why.

She’s 21 and parties a lot. I cannot keep up with that. I’m okay with that.

I guess that’s the last time I’ll hear from….

..wait a minute, what’s that?

dcllive the talk 3.jpg

About four weeks later I get a, “Hey.”

No Contact Game is real.

I’ve been busy so, we’ll see if we hook up again. Only time will tell.

What did you guys think of my response?

What would you have said?

Have you guys ever had this happen to you as well?

Lets us know and spread the word in the comments below.

Further Reading:
  1. The Talk
  2. The Gatekeepers
  3. The Paradox of Commitment
  4. Ultimatum (I swear I didn’t know Rollo had a post titled that before posting mine ha)

How To Survive A Nuclear Strike

“Nu·cle·ar. It’s pronounced nu·cle·ar….Nu·cle·ar”

In light of the New World Hacker’s, “power test” – which I covered LIVE on my blog today, you can read that here – I think we should take stock and have a look at our survival skills (or lack there of).

While I was trying to keep up to date with The Great Internet Outage of 2016, I hopped on facebook and got a hold of my resident military correspondent, my old buddy Dan (I first wrote about him here).

Dan is a Canadian, hunter, fisherman, Conservative, and a veteran (2 tours in Afghanistan).

We got to talking about “The Hack Heard ‘Round The World” when nuclear war came up.

Here is part of our talk from facebook DM (coming in about half way into the conversation):


We are one deadly mistake away…and one angry response to that mistake away..from nuclear war.

And what I mean by that. Is. When US and Russia start fighting. It means you have like 2 weeks before nukes come out. That’s how fast that war woukd last
And that’s when 1 wide will know they’ve lost. And will launch
Then. Since its NEVER been practiced and rehearsed. No one knows what will happen. Everyone has counter missiles.
So. For all we know. Every nuke could be destroyed by counter measures haha


I have no idea what I would do if that happened. I’m fucked. At least you’re military trained.
I’m gonna step away from the computer for an hour or so and go to gym. I’ll come back and see if there are any updates to this crazy thing.


Lol. You might survive.  I’ll tell ya what to do

Survive the initial blasts. Then stay in basement for 10 days
Then. Wear lots of clothes and layers cover as much skin as possible. Then drive away. Anywhere


That seems doable
What else would you do?


After 10 days nuclear radiation ain’t so bad. Unless you’re ground 0
Get as low as you can. Radiation isn’t like air. It doesn’t move. It’s like snow
And then where the snow lands. That where radiation is. And it’s like having a battery in it. Soon as it lands it has full charge. Snd the radius is bigger. Over time it shrinks
And. Material. Even rubber clothes has a block factor. Like sunscreen
Then when you come outside. Direct contact with nuclear ash. Will be bad. But..other then that you fine lol. Wash everything boiled water.
Lol. Hope that helps


Pretty much. After that dude. Go north Later

I’ll be sure to post all that on fb when USA and Russia start fighting lol


Surviving the Apocalypse 101 hha
Okay Im gona head out. Ill talk to you later!

How To Survive A Nuclear Strike
  • When US and Russia start fighting you have about 2 weeks before the nukes come out
  • Survive the initial blasts
  • Stay in the basement for 10 days, get as low as you can
  • Emerge from underground
  • Wear lots of clothes and layers, cover as much skin as possible, like rubber clothes
  • Then drive away if you can – anywhere, preferably North
  • Wash things in boiled water
  • Survive

dcllive walking rick.jpg

How would you survive a nuclear blast?

Got any tips?

You better hurry, 2016 is coming to an end…maybe along with everything else.


Steven Crowder had a cool video about a survival prep kit you can buy at https://www.preparewithcr.com/


Anger and Fishing

My back was turned for about 1min. I was already untangling someone else’s line. Kids eh. Untangling fishing line is not that fun.

It may not look bad but it was bullshit to untangle.

As soon as I would get one fishing pole line untangled I had to do another. I could feel the emotion starting to bubble up: Anger.

I’m not sure how they did it but two others got their fishing pole stuck in a tree. I got the poles down, and this was the result:


“How did you do this buddy?” I said to the little guy.
“Not sure. Was just trying to cast. I’ve never done this before.” he replied.

I then took a deep breath. And started to become mindful of a few things:

  • How my body was feeling – hydrated, not hungry
  • How hot it was – 43 degrees
  • Where we were – fishing at the side of a river
  • Who I was with – friends and kids

What happend as a result of me becoming mindful of my anger? I relaized I shouldn’t be complaining about fishing outside in the sun during the summer. I’m lucky to be doing this.

I could of made some terrible life choices and given a shitty life deal and not been able to go fishing. I could of been getting in a shootout with cops (#Strathroy).

This mindfulness process was about 20 seconds long. Anyone can do this. Of course I didn’t invent this. I’m here telling you that it works. Try it yourself the next time your’re feeling that anger bubble up.

Ultimately these are some thoughts about graditude and controlling your anger in the moment.

Has anyone else been fishing this summer?

(I missed 1 day out of Lucky’s 7 Day Challenge. That’s okay. I’m going to write 2 tonight. Any of you bloggers out there are more than welcome to join us in our writing challenge!)

Being Hard On Yourself

After school ended in April I needed a job. Money ran out. A month went by and I hadn’t found a job yet.

On the May 2/4 weekend I was chatting with my Father. I was a bit stressed about not working, school debt, and my future (typical).

He noticed my behaviour and stopped me,

D, you’re too hard on yourself. For the last month you’ve been looking for a job. Putting resumes out and making calls. That’s better than losers out there not doing anything. Give yourself a break. Geez.

Coming from him that made me feel a whole lot better. I look up to my Father and don’t want to disappoint him. Has always been that way. I think I’m hard on myself because I want to impress him and show him I’m not a loser.

He knows I’m not. He’s proud of me and the effort I’ve made in the last 3 years (and at other times throughout my life).

We’ve got to remember to take stock in what we’ve accomplished. It could be as simple as getting the days errands completed (I love doing that), something a little more challenging like getting a job interview, or changing it up like moving into an apartment of your own (which I will being doing before the end of this year).

What have I accomplished?

  • Working 3 jobs (got a new summer job, they’re definitely going to ask me to stay on in the fall)
  • Went back to school, staring my second semester this September
  • Casually dating a (I hope she thinks the same, I may have been a bit uncalibrated) 21 year old, she calls me daddy (during sex)
  • Have been taking only cold showers for a few weeks now

Other than school, this all happened in the last 3 months. I really should give myself more credit.

We’ve got to stop putting too much pressure on ourselves. Staying motivated and disciplined is a good thing but to be constantly comparing yourself to fitness and self-improvement gurus isn’t. I know, I’ve done that.

Stop being too hard on yourself.

Come on, I know you’ve done something productive lately. Comment below and share with us what it is.


(I’m doing Lucky’s 7 Day Challenge. Try to write a post everyday for 7 days. Any of you bloggers out there are more than welcome to join us!)

Young Men Should Work At A Pub

Working at a pub has taught me a lot about life, women, and myself.

Here are some of my observations and lessons, as a cook, from working at a pub:

You get to practice Game on servers and hostesses.

The pub I work at is close to a high school, a university, and a college, or what I like to call, “server/hostess farms.”

Young women from the ages of 16-24 are funnelled through the hiring process. The prettist ones usually get hired – regardless of how much experience they have.

I’ve had lots of crushes, some lays, and one girlfriend. If you practice your Game on the servers and hostesses you will most likely end up with some poon.

Feel free to say (pretty much) whatever you want.

Other than blatant, unwanted, awful, attention or grabbing, the females play along. They understand the back-and-forth banter.

If anyone was actually out of line or engaging in abuse, of course they would lose their job and have a possible criminal charge against them.

Women that work in restaurants/cafes/diners/pubs/etc. know the deal – they play along. They laugh at the older guys’ stupid jokes, giggle at the borderline sexual harassment, and deal with peoples’ bullshit behaviour and attitude.  Wouldn’t you want a bigger tip (more money)?

That’s part of the gig. These women aren’t stupid. They know what’s up. That’s the way it is.

Of course I’m not saying they’re giving up their morals because some old guy said they look pretty.

OF COURSE you will be protected from actual abuse. There are policies, procedures, and action plans that are available and put in place if real abuse occurs.

Real restaurants and pubs are NOTHING close to an SJW safe space. You’ll be okay.

Hard work is rewarded.

“If you can’t stand the fire, get out of the heat.”

One guy I use to work with (also an old roommate) tried a shift at the pub in the kitchen. He complained about the heat, developed a “rash” (I never saw it), and never came back to work. He’s kind of a wanker.

Another time this fresh, new, right out of the college culinary program guy decided it was a good idea to take his shoes off and run them through the dish washer during a rush. A manager came back, saw it, and reamed him out in front of everyone. He was never seen or heard from again.

Finally (but there are more stories – feel free to ask) we use to have this kitchen manager that would get drunk as a skunk while cooking. After some detective work by us cooks, we found out that he was drinking “water” out of this water-bottle. Turns out it was vodka. He was also never heard from again.

If you work hard you will be rewarded with small praises, more money, and employment.

Small praises like, “Table 10 loved their steak” or “You guys killed it tonight, good job.” More money because you put in longer/more hours, which means the higher your tip-out will be ($$$). And unlike people that we call “skin waggons” (because all they’re good at is carrying skin around), if you put in the effort and work hard you will still have a job when you wake up the next morning.

Lets recap some of my observations from working in a pub:

  • You get to practice Game all the time – your learning curve will skyrocket
  • It’s shitlord friendly – SJWs need not apply
  • Hard work is rewarded – you don’t need praise, but the extra money is always good

Young men should work in a pub to get some cool life experiences and also learn some basic cooking skills along the way.

Have you ever worked in a pub or restaurant?

Share your story with us!

(I’m doing Lucky’s 7 Day Challenge. Try to write a post everyday for 7 days. Any of you bloggers out there are more than welcome to join us!)

My Favorite Celebrities

Don’t worry. It’s not what you think.

In an effort not to have you scroll on by, I’ll use the Manosphere.com aggregate-blog-post-preview to let you know that there won’t be any content about ‘Keeping Up With The…’ or ‘The Real House…’ or any other crap like that.

Still here? Good.

The ‘celebrities’ I’m talking about are the type of public figures that guys like me go nuts for. That would almost make me want to scream like a tween who just saw Beiber or TheWeeknd get out of their limo. Almost.

dcllive girls screaming.jpg

The men that I admire are in the spotlight constantly. They have their own ‘media empire’ or ‘personal brand’ that they promote.

The ideas and lifestyles that these men promote are far more enriching and interesting – to the mind and spirit – than any of the other ones you see in the mainstream outlets.

Notice I said ‘mainstream’.

With mainstream comes a bit of PC. I get that. But the basics of the content of what these guys know is what I’m interested in.

Their ideas span across the entire spectrum of science and culture.

From personal/self-improvement and autodidactism to astrophysics and the mind.

These men are writers, authors, thinkers, pundits, comedians and some are even doctors.

Before we continue I want to mention I couldn’t care less about what these men’s political affiliations are. This post is for your ‘self-education’ on the particular fields of study that each of these men pursue. Plus, I’m still trying to find out what I value when it comes to my political beliefs.

After reading this list I think you’ll find a new favorite celebrity of your own.

Grab some coffee, food, weed, whatever you need, and sit back and enjoy.

DCL’s Favorite Celebrities:

David Eagleman – Born April 25, 1971 (age 44), Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

dcllive david eagleman

David is a neuroscientist, author and now TV show host.

Some books of his include, Incognito: The Secret Lives of Brains, The Brain with David Eagleman and has been featured numerous times in John Brockman’s Edge.org book series (highly recommended book series).

dcllive kindle david eagleman

David Eagleman’s work was one of the first things to introduce me to the idea of the ‘unconscious mind’ and the powerful influence it has on our daily lives.

I first wrote about David here and here.

He also introduced me to a concept known as umwelt. An umwelt is the reality in which you are engulfed.

Think of it this way – an insect has a different umwelt then a human being. Us humans have our five senses to detect our surroundings within our umwelt. An insect uses different peripheral devices (like the antennas on an ant) to detect it’s surroundings within its umwelt.

If you’re interested click here for more info on the umwelt.

David is now also a TV host on the new PBS series called The Brain.

David Eagleman’s work can be found here.


Neil deGrasse Tyson – Born October 5, 1958 (age 57), Manhattan, NewYork City, U.S.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil is an astrophysicist, science promoter and TV show host.

Some books of his include: Death by Black Hole : And Other Cosmic Quandaries, Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier (I have not read either one) and has been included in the Edge.org book series as well.

Neil has this way of being very dramatic while explaining his understanding of the cosmos. This may turn some people off. Not me. I can’t think of a better way of expressing those cosmic ideas.

I first wrote about Neil here and here.

Did you know Neil used to wrestle?

dcllive neil wrestling.png

Neil became a TV host of the re-make series called, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. If you like planets, space, physics, and the mind, I suggest that you check it out.

Neil deGrasse Tyson also has a Podcast called StarTalk Radio. I’ve listened to about 10 episodes. It’s an interesting mix of science, pop-culture and comedy.

Like David Eagleman, Neil is what I would call a ‘science promoter’. That’s a person who is in the public eye speaking out about esoteric state/national policies regarding science education and religious doctrines in schools. He also talks about general public science promotion.

Neil’s work can be found here.


Sam Harris – Born April 9, 1967 (age 48), Los Angeles, California, U.S.

dcllive sam harris

Sam is a neuroscientist, philosopher and author.

Some of his books include: A Letter To A Christian Nation, Free Will, The Moral Landscape, Lying and Waking Up.

dcllive kindle sam harris.jpg

It’s hard to pin point exactly who it was that was my first introduction to the idea of being ‘lost in though‘. I started reading and watching all these guys’ work at about the same time. Around the age of 25.

But Sam’s work in regards to the brain/mind has been perhaps the most influential to me when it comes to pondering my own personal beliefs and habits.

I recommend his book Waking Up. If you’re a young adult trying to find his spiritual way, and at the same time don’t want to believe in a deity to do so, this book is for you.

dcllive kindle sam harris2.jpg

Sam Harris is probably the most controversial person on this list. His views regarding Radical Islam and religion in general make him a target for constant ridicule in the media and vulnerable to death threats in real life.

Now that sounds like an interesting person to me!

Sam’s work can be found here.


Jason Silva – Born February 6, 1982 (age 33), Caracas, Venezuela

dcllive jason silva

Jason is a philosopher, futurist and TV show host.

Silva, like Neil, is very ‘out there’ when it comes to expressing his ideas.

Jason has this cool ability to be able to pull quotes out of, what seems like, thin air. He’s like a philosophical-evangelical being given divine knowledge, in real time, by higher beings. He makes these complex ideas, about the universe and the mind, flow smoothly within his fast-paced verbal barrages.

You may recognize him from his TV show, Brain Games.

But what you may not know is that he also started a video campaign called, Shots of Awe – short videos containing “trailers of the mind” which “serve as philosophical espresso shots exploring innovation, technology creativity, futurism and the metaphysics of the imagination.” (quote from his website)

Jason is a relatively young man when you compare him to the rest of the list. But I think this actually helps with getting his information across to young people.

Young people these days can be turned off by any old man with a white beard telling them what’s what (I’m looking at you Dennet).

Did Silva swallow the Red Pill?

Jason’s work can be found here.


Les Stroud – Born October 20, 1961 (age 54), Mimico, Ontario, Canada

dcllive les stroud

Les is a musician, survivalist, film maker and TV show host.

My older brother introduced me to Les and his work years ago.

Les is not like Bear Grylls or that other goober whose name escapes me. Unlike those guys who claim to know what their doing, Les actually gets his crew to drop him off in some area, with a camera and some random things for him to use to help him survive by himself… for seven days.

It’s hard to pick my favorite episode, they’re all good. But there was something that stuck with me, a survival tool/technique/mindset called ‘zones of assessment.’

Zones of Assessment is a way to assess a dangerous situation. It’s a way to help make sure you don’t freak out because you’re lost and stranded somewhere.

Zone 1. What’s Immediately On You?

Zone 2. What’s Right Around You?

Zone 3. What Kind Of Area Are You In?

This is a haggard version of it as I don’t quite remember the details. But I’m sure you get the idea. Let Les guide you through it.

Les reminds me of my time out in the wilderness in my youth. I was part of Beavers, Scouts and when I was a bit older, I did some camping excursions in Algonquin National Park and Kilarney National Park. Nothing to the extent of what Les does, but challenging nonetheless (if you count drinking beer, smoking dope, portaging, canoeing and having a fun time).



Les Stroud’s work can be found here.


Joe Rogan – Born August 11, 1967 (age 48), Newark, New Jersey, U.S.

dcllive joe rogan.jpg

Joe is a comedian, MMA commentator and popular podcaster.

This man’s personal life seems like it’s filled with more hobbies, goals, projects and businesses than many people will ever attempt to try in their lifetime.

Here’s a list of some:

-he’s a martial artist

-a cannabis and psychedelic drug advocate

-UFC MMA commentator

-actor, TV show host, stand-up comedian

-partnered with Onit, a supplement-food-fitness equipment company, as an ‘Onit Pro’

-uses meditation in combination with isolation tanks, has also done sensory deprivation

I’m sure most, if not all of you, are familiar with the PowerfulJRE (his podcast). His podcast guests are from many different disciplines and professions.

The guests on his show have different opinions then his own. He gives them a platform to present their arguments. That said, he’s certainly not afraid to stand up for himself and others.

I quite enjoyed his talk with Milo Yiannopoulos. Even though I’m a new fan of Milo’s, I tend to agree with Joe, that Milo is probably a third real talk, a third bullshit and a third trolling. I’m still not sure.

Joe (unofficially) speaks for the masses. I imagine a good portion of the North American population has the same sentiments he has towards popular current issues.

Joe Rogan’s work can be found here.


Bill Maher – Born January 20, 1956 (age 59), New York City, New York, U.S.

dcllive bill maher.jpg

Bill is a comedian, film maker and TV show host.

I had seen a stand-up or two of his but didn’t really know much about him until his Religilous documentary came out. That’s when I started to follow his work more closely.

From what I know so far about his political beliefs is that he dislikes Liberals and Republicans. He agrees with some Liberals and agrees with some Republicans. He’s an Independent.

(sort of what I am, I think)

He doesn’t pander too much to one side of the aisle (although I’d say he’s centrist-left). One of the cool things I enjoy about his comedy is that when he delivers a joke, and then if the audience boos or complains, he’ll call them out for being pussies and too uptight. They love him for it.

As a matter of fact Bill Maher has been a vocal advocate against the rising mainstream PC culture.

His back and forth with actor Ben Alffeck is a perfect example of what a regressive-leftist does when confronted with facts against their feelings.

Bill Maher’s work can be found here.


DCLLive Celebrity Notables that are worth checking out:

Bill Nye aka The Science Guy

Max Tegmark

Lawrence Krauss

Michio Kaku

Brian Green

Bill Burr

Louis C.K.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Ezra Levant

David Rubin

Gavin McIness

John Brockman


As much as I like these scientists, comedians, TV hosts and other interesting men, it’s so damn unfortunate that they don’t have better websites/blogs. I happen to agree with Mike. I bet they would have an even more dedicated group of fans and followers if they had a blog they updated once a week.

Thanks for sticking it out. Like I said, after reading this I think you’ll find a new favorite celebrity of your own.

I know I missed some people. If you can think of any current interesting figures, feel free to let us know in the comments. You can leave links to videos, blogs, twitter accounts, essays, scientific papers, anything for the new-age autodidact.

Who’s YOUR favorite ‘celebrity’?


dcllive red scarlett johansson.jpg