Going To The Movie Theater By Yourself

Roll Sound

A few days ago, at the age of 31, I went alone to a movie theater for the first time in my life. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

 Growing up I always thought it was weird to go to a movie by yourself. I would think, “Doesn’t that person have someone to go with?”

I suppose that was a little naive of me. Back in the day I always went to the movies with my friends. We had a ritual. We would fill our backpacks with snacks, pop, beer, etc. We would sneak 3 or 4 people in. How did we do that?

2 people go in with 2 tickets and get them ripped. 1 person goes out to the waiting area with the 2 ticket stubs. Then the 1 guy brings 1 new guy back in with him with the ticket stubs. Repeat that a few times, a free movie for our buddies.

Lights, Camera, Action

There I was sitting on the right side that had only 2 seats in the row, up a bit, not too far from the door aka my new favourite spot to sit.


The theater started to fill up. I thought I’d be nice and moved my shirt and backpack off of the seat beside me. Just in case someone needed to sit there.

The seating was getting few and far between. You could see couples, young and old, standing by the front searching for seats together.

An older lady and her hubby sauntered up the stairs looking out into the sea of people for 2 perfect spots beside each other. No luck.

The next best thing was to have her sit beside me and her hubby 2 seats down in front of her. #MovieNight ruined!


But, as luck would have it, the guy that her hubby was going to sit beside, wait for it… was by himself as well! That guy was nice, he gave up his seat so that the older couple could sit beside each other.

And wouldn’t you know it, he came and sat beside me! 2 guys went to a movie alone and ended up sitting beside each other. That’s funny to me.


All in all it was a good movie and a fun time. I enjoy movies like that. I call them, “popcorn flicks”, mindless films with little re-watch-ability but flashy and fun for an hour and a bit. Going to a movie alone is something I will definitely be doing again in the near future.

How about you, have you ever gone to the movies by yourself?

PS smoking a bit of pot before the movie can certainly make it even better (smoke responsibly).



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