What To Do When A Woman Gives You Her Phone Number

There I was, at my coop, sitting at an empty desk by myself in the staff room eating some fruit and dicking around on twitter. I don’t like to sit with other people during my breaks as they tend to only talk about stupid shit that has nothing to do with me at all. Like their silly work drama. No thanks. I’d rather talk about the weather.

As I sat there eating my snack I heard someone walk by and say, “Hey D, how is room 2 treating you?” (inside joke because I call it “room 2” instead of the other name they call it). A little bit of normal back and forth banter. Then she handed me a piece of paper and some candy:

dcllive coop.jpg

She looked a bit nervous, repeated herself, and seemed rushed. Exactly how I ask girls for their number. Pretty eye opening.

I’d like to tell you that I was super suave and cool. But not really. I felt like a hot girl. I had a big smile on my face when she gave it to me. I’m sure I looked as goofy as usual.

She said we never get a chance to hang out and chat so we should grab a drink after March Break (that’s this week). I agreed.

I don’t usually have women giving me their phone number. But it has happened a few times. I expect it to happen a bit more the older I get.

I have roughly four weeks of coop left after the March Break. I’d rather not go on a date with someone then see them at work the next day.  I want to time the date so I don’t see her for too many times at coop after the date. I’d like to have a smooth exit from my coop with no drama.

So all in all it was a cool experience. Here are some tips I’d recommend for the next time a woman gives you (or me) their phone number:

  • Play it cool. She might be a bit nervous so make it easy on her.
  • Take her number. Say something like, “Ya that sounds like fun. Lets meet up after….”
  • Leave the conversation and go back to what you were doing. It’s like any other day. Have the mindset of, Women give me their numbers all the time so it’s no big deal. It’s not. It’s just a number.
  • Although I haven’t yet, make the texting short and sweet. Use it for logistics for the date. At least at first.
  • Set up the date ASAP.
  • Run normal Date Game.

Have any of you guys had women give you their number? If so feel free to share your story with us!


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