Words That Are Funny And Why

(This is Part V of The D Live Culture Series)

Sometimes we say words without realizing the impact they may have on others. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Take time to educate yourself about language and histories of oppression.

Uh, no. But I will take time to have some fun with LGBTQIA-BCDEFGHIJK Resource Center’s list of, “Words That Hurt and Why.

Here we go.

Bitch (In Any Language)
Targets and dehumanizes women, even if used toward men, including queer and gay men. Devalues women and femininity. Reinforces sexism.

In any language? Bitch please. I’ve heard more women say that than men. And I bet more gay men say that then straight women!

No Homo
Stresses the speaker’s heterosexuality, masculinity, and/or other traits to avoid being perceived as LGBTQIA. Goes to great lengths to avoid association with anything queer. Reinforces that to be LGBTQIA is bad.

How else is my buddy going to know I don’t want to fuck him when I say, “Dude you smell great.”?

Whore/Ho and Slut
Dismisses anyone seen as being “too” sexual, particularly sex workers, women, LGBTQI people and people of color. Perpetuates negativity toward sex itself. Regulates who is allowed to have it.

A sex worker being “too” sexual, who thinks that? Nobody.

Negative towards sex? Everybody likes a good ol slut. Just don’t want to marry one.

You’re creating enemies out of thin air again. Who is this boogeyman (excuse me, boogey-person) that is regulating sex?

As far as I can tell, sex in this day in age is the most unregulated it has ever been. At least since the time of that Greek town where they fucked each other all day. The Sodomites or something. I believe that’s where the word, “sodomy” came from (or came on heh)

These words, just like “bitch” are used by women to keep other women ‘in check’ so to speak. It’s their way of shaming each other.

ex. “You whore, get away from my man!” or “Oh my god Cindy you’re such a slut! How big was his cock? Tee-hee”

Where guys fight and physically challenge each other, women use language and psychological warfare on each other. It’s quite the sight to see if you ever catch it.

Who do you see yourself ending up with?
This is another way of implying one has to “end up” gay or straight and ignores bisexuality as an identity versus a relationship status. It also assumes everyone desires to be in a long-term monogamous relationship.

Are you, fucking, kidding me. How anyone can come to this conclusion after someone has asked them, “Who do you see yourself ending up with?” is beyond fuckery.

Who’s implying? Who’s assuming?

The person who wrote this, and the organization they’re a part of sure are good at assuming things. They should get out of the Language Police business and get into Sales and Marketing. They’re so good at reading people and understanding how and what people think they could make a fortune!

That person doesn’t really look like a woman/man.
What does it mean to look like a man or woman? There are no set criteria. It also should not be assumed that all Trans Men strive to fit within dominant ideas of masculinity or all Trans Women strive to fit within dominant ideas of femininity, or that all Trans* people want to look like men or women. Gender presentation is fluid and distinct from gender identity, and all forms of gender expression deserve affirmation.

Does your head hurt yet? Mine is getting there.

Trans men still look like women. Trans women still look like dudes. You can just tell. It’s nature.

What the hell is Gender presentation? And it’s different then gender identity? No, not all forms of your silly gender expression deserve our affirmation.

Oh and gender expression? How about I express all over your face! No homo.

The way that people talk will change with the times. I get that. But forming committees and organizations that push for legislation that restricts my language?

Blow me.

This is how people talk. How much fun would life be if there were no dirty words or things you couldn’t say?

It’s the rules of the road. It’s how things actually are. Not how you want them to be. And it’s not like these words or phrases are even that bad, geez. George Carlin would be spinning in his grave.

Come on people. Grow the fuck up. Get thicker skin.

Words should’t hurt you. If words do hurt you, this might be why.

Check out the rest of the words and phrases on their list if you want to catch a few more laughs, and share your dissection of them with us here in the comments: Words That Hurt and Why


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