How To Survive A Nuclear Strike

“Nu·cle·ar. It’s pronounced nu·cle·ar….Nu·cle·ar”

In light of the New World Hacker’s, “power test” – which I covered LIVE on my blog today, you can read that here – I think we should take stock and have a look at our survival skills (or lack there of).

While I was trying to keep up to date with The Great Internet Outage of 2016, I hopped on facebook and got a hold of my resident military correspondent, my old buddy Dan (I first wrote about him here).

Dan is a Canadian, hunter, fisherman, Conservative, and a veteran (2 tours in Afghanistan).

We got to talking about “The Hack Heard ‘Round The World” when nuclear war came up.

Here is part of our talk from facebook DM (coming in about half way into the conversation):


We are one deadly mistake away…and one angry response to that mistake away..from nuclear war.

And what I mean by that. Is. When US and Russia start fighting. It means you have like 2 weeks before nukes come out. That’s how fast that war woukd last
And that’s when 1 wide will know they’ve lost. And will launch
Then. Since its NEVER been practiced and rehearsed. No one knows what will happen. Everyone has counter missiles.
So. For all we know. Every nuke could be destroyed by counter measures haha


I have no idea what I would do if that happened. I’m fucked. At least you’re military trained.
I’m gonna step away from the computer for an hour or so and go to gym. I’ll come back and see if there are any updates to this crazy thing.


Lol. You might survive.  I’ll tell ya what to do

Survive the initial blasts. Then stay in basement for 10 days
Then. Wear lots of clothes and layers cover as much skin as possible. Then drive away. Anywhere


That seems doable
What else would you do?


After 10 days nuclear radiation ain’t so bad. Unless you’re ground 0
Get as low as you can. Radiation isn’t like air. It doesn’t move. It’s like snow
And then where the snow lands. That where radiation is. And it’s like having a battery in it. Soon as it lands it has full charge. Snd the radius is bigger. Over time it shrinks
And. Material. Even rubber clothes has a block factor. Like sunscreen
Then when you come outside. Direct contact with nuclear ash. Will be bad. But..other then that you fine lol. Wash everything boiled water.
Lol. Hope that helps


Pretty much. After that dude. Go north Later

I’ll be sure to post all that on fb when USA and Russia start fighting lol


Surviving the Apocalypse 101 hha
Okay Im gona head out. Ill talk to you later!

How To Survive A Nuclear Strike
  • When US and Russia start fighting you have about 2 weeks before the nukes come out
  • Survive the initial blasts
  • Stay in the basement for 10 days, get as low as you can
  • Emerge from underground
  • Wear lots of clothes and layers, cover as much skin as possible, like rubber clothes
  • Then drive away if you can – anywhere, preferably North
  • Wash things in boiled water
  • Survive

dcllive walking rick.jpg

How would you survive a nuclear blast?

Got any tips?

You better hurry, 2016 is coming to an end…maybe along with everything else.


Steven Crowder had a cool video about a survival prep kit you can buy at



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