Jim Gaffigan Wants You To Be A Fat Dad

(This year has been an eye opener for me. I decided to test my unplugging to see if I can pierce the veil of mainstream culture by dissecting the bullshit that is promoted by its “Soldiers of the Narrative” i.e. Celebrities. This is Part I of The D Live Culture Series.)

The featured image is from Jim Gaffigan’s new book, “Dad Is Fat.”

This is NOT a review of his book.

This is a post about a comedian who is blatantly virtue signalling to the masses. This isn’t new. But it sure is revealing.

These days a man can’t define his own masculinity without it being filtered through the good ol F.I. (feminine imperative).

I’ve got an email subscription to the BigThink blog. It’s like a science-meets-pop-culture info and news site. There’s usually some cool articles and videos on quantum mechanics, cosmology, and neuroscience.

But, of course, there is some blue pill bs that can be found throughout the site.

I received an email notification about BigThink’s newsletter, I opened it up on my phone, and looked for something cool to read.

And then I found this:

dcllive jim gaff.jpg
His body language says everything you need to know.

Did you watch that? It was brutal I know. A soft skin low-t man telling you how to be a man.

Fucking cringe-worthy.

Lets have some fun with Jim, and dissect his lovely video.

Manhood is Defined by How Men Treat Women

The idea of being a man has changed so dramatically, right.

I’m with you so far Jim.

But particularly I think not just the responsibilities of being a father which has always been, not to get all Kahlil Gibran like these children are on loan to us and we’re supposed to make sure that we take care of them and we’re the stewards of these human beings. Male roles which is something my wife and I have written about in the show because the concept of a father today is dramatically different.

And why exactly is the ‘concept’ so different now?

Who said a Father’s responsibility has to change?

A Father’s responsibility is to provide for a child a competent male role model, which you mentioned, but that idea of Manhood, and male role models, must be defined by men. Full stop.

Vice versa, Womanhood should be defined by women.

I think it’s perspective on how we treat women, right. That is the beginning and the ending of it. We are animals. I start from that premise. And we choose to not behave like animals. And that’s, you know, a pretty guiding force through humanity whether it gets completely out of control or just panting like a dog when an attractive woman walks by.

The beginning and the end of it. Sure why not. You can end conversation and debate about Manhood right there, because there couldn’t possibly be any other definition, right?

You know, it was a guiding force for civilization, but we’re animals panting like a dog at attractive women. So, stop being all manly!

I even look at like pornography and all this stuff where it’s yeah, you know, it’s like look, I love naked women, I really do.

I see, virtue signalling to men now, “Hey I mean, I’m a dude so I like porn too.”

But I also know that I am a visual human being and I can’t, you know, consume images of naked women and not have that influence how I view other women. I mean that’s my personal opinion. It’s like my sexual desires are very valid and real but if I, you know, follow through on every sexual desire first of all I’d have a thousand children. No but I think then that’s not how you get – I wouldn’t feel very good. Do you know what I mean?

I think I know what you mean. You see an attractive woman, think about the dirty, nasty, and filthy things you want to do to her, and then would also like to do that to other women you find attractive. BUT, you seem to imply men should feel shame about it, because you, “wouldn’t feel very good” about, basically, fulfilling your biological imperative.

When I look at my young sons I think that look, I know that we love and like the normalization of porn and I’m not, you know, it’s like to each their own, right. But I don’t think that I want my sons consuming pornography.

I’m with Jim on this one, I also wouldn’t want my sons to consume too much porn either. However, should we “love” or even “like” the normalization of porn? Doesn’t that lead to rape culture (according to the feministas)?

That’s not a good thing to teach your sons Jim.

I want my sons to look at an advertisement and say that is a beautiful woman but she’s being objectified.

Jim, are you against women working?

What if she made the decision to use her body like that to provide an income for herself?

I think she has enough agency to make that decision. Or, was she helplessly convinced by male management to show off her goods?

I’m confused, we all love the normalization of porn but it’s objectifying to have a beautiful woman on an advertisement. Interesting, Jim.

And I do want even beyond that I personally think that in the United States we give credit and appreciate attractive people too much.

That’s exactly what an ugly person would say.

And so I think that I want to instill that, I mean I think a lot of parents who desperately want to have nerdy children. So I don’t know. I want my kids to be, my sons to be better men than me. But I think also, you know, it’s different paths to getting there.

Wanting your sons to be better men than you is admirable. But I still sense some shame coming from Jim.

He might feel he’s not the man his sons should turn out to be.

Also, I don’t want my kids to be nerdy, do you?

But culturally it’s interesting. I saw a clip of Match Game which was a game show when I was growing up from the mid-70s, 80s, I don’t know. And the beginning of the show it was just filled with the host more or less sexually harassing the female contestants. And it was not malicious and that man did not know he was doing it. And maybe those women didn’t feel icky. But from our standards today it was ridiculous.

Did you just say icky? Dammit Jim, can you at least try?

It wasn’t malicious, the men weren’t even “aware of what they were doing (i.e. harassing)”and the women weren’t bothered by it. So whats’s the problem?

I mean I also feel like to discredit everything I’ve said I also think that I don’t want us to get to the point where there isn’t passion, right.

He was barley aware of his cognitive dissonance.

I would bet he has no idea where that passion comes from, how that passion is supposed to be manifested, or even interpreted.

But he seems to know that passion is needed. But not the “icky” kind of course.

When I met my wife and we went on our first date I aggressively kissed her. Not in a monstrous way but even hearing myself describe it I don’t know if we could do that today. And I’m sure I could have because there’s a communication that’s unspoken when you’re courting someone. But courting like it’s the 1800s. Like you’re riding a horse to meet them. But there is something about – there’s rules but there’s also what’s so great about relationships is that tingling feeling when the chemistry that we can’t articulate works.

The fear of being direct with a women is rampant here in the West. Don’t be afraid. Make a move. If you’re not sure how, go here.

Hey, I’m no PUA, but I recognize when I should make a move and I don’t hesitate. You shouldn’t either. Women want an aggressively sexual man. Don’t believe the blue pill hype.

You have to be comfortable enough to make a move and potentially strike out. That’s how an attractive male is moulded. You listening Jim?

What do you guys think?

How were my observation skills?

Is there anything to add?

What are your thoughts on Manhood, Fatherhood, and Male Role Models?

You know what to do, drop a comment below.


10 thoughts on “Jim Gaffigan Wants You To Be A Fat Dad”

  1. Only thing I would add is that Gaffigan in part of the media. Basically these guys are a cult. They are in lockstep with their positions and the ways they try to program the public. Its always the same narrative, from Alec Baldwin, to Emma Watson, to… anybody you see in any sort of entertainment. Fuck, even Eminem is marching to their tune. It makes me highly suspicious that in order to join their ranks they have to submit to some sort of blackmail. Sexual or otherwise.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Only thing I would add is that Gaffigan in part of the media.”

      Good observation. I didn’t mention his connection to Hollywood. That plays a huge role in his support for the narrative.

      I wanted to do this exercise to see if I could chip away at his blatant bs virtue signalling and cognitive dissonance. It was fun. I’m certainly going to do it again with a different celeb or cultural figure.

      Btw, Eminem? Has he gone all SJW now?


  2. That was absolutely hilarious and brutal.

    Every time I had to read between whatever he was beating around the bush (considering his views, most likely in it as well), I thought of a counterpoint; only to find you had already addressed that.

    (“icky”. Seriously?)

    Great article, but I’d like to ask Dclive and any commenters a very important topic in today’s society; at what point does any sane pairing of any kind ask for consent (in the sense of, “Can I kiss you? Can I have sex with you?) Even fat dad here acknowledges that you don’t rely on questioning if she really wants to be with you.

    What is more anti-conducive to romance and seduction than asking her to sign a permission slip for anal?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the kinds words harkness.

      “at what point does any sane pairing of any kind ask for consent (in the sense of, “Can I kiss you? Can I have sex with you?)”

      In the spirit of being honest, I’ve said, “Can I kiss you?” when I was younger. I’ve also said, “Wanna make out?” before, when I was not so young. The women I said the latter to promptly made fun of me, rightly so.

      I cannot completely understand how hard it must be for young males these days to navigate the smp. Thanks God for sites like Rollo’s.

      “What is more anti-conducive to romance and seduction than asking her to sign a permission slip for anal?”

      haha that reminded me of the Dave Chappelle skit, “The Love Contract.”

      I would share a video clip here of it but I couldn’t find one. If you get a chance watch it, it’s funny as hell.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jim Gaffigan: Funny comedian, terrible role model.

    Jim Gaffigan has always embodied the loser persona. He always look like a slob, is out of shape (and proud of it), and constantly whines about how hard everything is. Granted, the last bit is part of his style of comedy, but it still speaks volumes of his values.

    Masculinity is masculinity. It’s core principles don’t change with the times. They might be less pronounced in certain societies than others, but a man is still honored for the same tenets; courage, discipline, and strength.

    Greatly enjoyed your post. Excellent analysis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Gaffigan is a soft marshmallow of a man. Hey, I’m no spring chicken. I’m a skinny-fat 6.5 (the .5 is for my nice smile), but I don’t pretend to be something I’m not or try and cater to the bogus narrative he’s so clearly pushing.

      Thanks for reading and welcome to the blog.

      “Masculinity is masculinity. It’s core principles don’t change with the times.”

      “a man is still honored for the same tenets; courage, discipline, and strength.”

      Spot on Jacob.

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