A Ride Through Suburbia

I went on a bike ride through suburbia. 28 degrees (83), clear, and sunny.

dcllive weather.jpg

While on my ride I had my iPod in listening to some jams. Enjoying the tunes, soaking in the nice weather, on Sunday of a long weekend.

Then, a thought rushed in from the ether:

There’s nothing here. The paved driveways, nicely cut grass, properly kept gardens, and not a lot of people, but a lot of cars – there’s nothing to them. They’re empty.


I don’t remember feeling any negativity while having this quick thought (or message, not to sound to hokey pokey). There didn’t seem to be any judgment attached to the thought at all.

I didn’t dislike any of the people I saw out and about tending to their homes. It was like I was looking at it all as objectivley as I could.

Another thought hit me soon after:

I don’t want any of this.

dcllive no trespassing.jpg

I tried picturing myself doing all of that: cutting the grass, paving driveways, washing cars, planting gardens, etc. It has nothing to do with the hard work itself, but the reasons behind them.

Currently, in my gut, I felt like this isn’t something I want anytime soon – the home, the kids, the lawn, dog – none of it.

I’m going with my gut.


Go outside. Go for a bike ride. A walk. Or just sit down somewhere on the grass.


Maybe a powerful thought, or message, will come out of the ether and reveal something to you about yourself. At least something about you, in that moment. It might mean something to you.


It meant enough to me to write this post and share it with you.

I’m glad some things are a bit clearer to me now.

28 degrees (83), clear, and sunny.



PS – Maybe some influence might help with your revelation heh.



4 thoughts on “A Ride Through Suburbia”

    1. I grew up there and am currently surrounded by it. In about a week or so I’m moving right in the middle of it. For now I’ll navigate my way through it and keep on working away.

      But eventually I’d like to move just outside of town where there is, “ an acre of land separating houses.”

      “wears on my soul.” Damn.

      So I take it you are originally country folk?


  1. Not really country folk, no, but growing up I never had less than 5 acres of land to mull about on. Plus I was in the Scouts so I did a lot of camping and outdoor activities. Now I live in a house situated on a 1/3 acre plot. Could be worse, but I’d like more. At least 3 acres but I’d take up to 50. Hah.


    1. Hey nice I was in Scouts as well. Beavers too!

      I was lucky growing up. I had a cottage to go to every summer from birth to until I moved out at 22. And then now visit when I can because my parents moved into, well, I still call it “the cottage” even though it’s their house.

      My father was an outdoors guy. He took my bro and I camping a bunch. Taught us a thing or two. He was also the Environmental Studies Teacher way back in the day (would take students and other staff on interior camping trips). I don’t think that course is even offered anymore in high school.

      1/3 acre plot that’s not completely terrible when compared to the pics above. I think you’re doing alright for yourself. But 50, yes that would be sweet.

      I call that the Duddy Kravitz Effect. Long story short, as a man, owning land can be fulfilling. Having you’re own space to do whatever you want, can be a great thing.

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