The Nervous Braindown Podcast: Episode 3 – Medical Research and Cancer with guest Florian (from

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Not a picture of Florian.

In this episode 3 of The Nervous Braindown I have a guest joining me. He is a blogger, a biochemist, and the owner of – Florian Ulrich

We talked for an hour and a bit. Before recording we chatted about the sphere, red pill, and Florian’s visit to the Gorilla Mindset Seminar.

In this episode we discuss cancer and cancer-research. I did my best to conduct an interview-type session. I tried not to interrupt or talk over Florian. Sometimes I did, but it is good practice for future episodes (I also had some beers while doing it. It’s all about having fun).

Here is some information I found on being a good interviewer: (taken from here)

  • “To help you do this, drop your presumptions and knowledge about the person you are interviewing and become your target audience. Then you will know what level of detail you need to dig out of the person you are interviewing.”
  • “If you rely on prepared questions so much that your mind isn’t open to diverging down different paths based on how your interview guest responds, your podcast can feel quite stunted. Being relaxed and enjoying the interview like a good conversation, engaging with what your subject is saying and showing real curiosity, is the key to a natural interview style.”
  • One final reminder that’s important for all you people out there who love to talk – the interview is not about you.
  • “You can add to the interview, briefly, by offering your own reinforcing story, or relevant comment, but don’t start interviewing yourself. I like to focus on two things as my role as the interviewer –
    • Asking the questions
    • Summarizing the answers”

I’m clearly still new to podcasting. Feel free to give me feedback on what you think I did well or things I need to improve on.

The first 48min of our Skype conversation is from Florian’s computer recoroded through his iPhone (this part I tried my best in post-production to get rid of the static-hiss sound, it’s the best I could do, the audio is low for the first part).

The last 18min of our Skype conversation is recorded from Florian’s iMac (this last part has a much better sound quality than the first part).

(also thanks to Beppo for telling me how to upload a long video to youtube)

Part 1 – iPhone
(first 48min)

  • Promises for research development (it’s all about the money)
  • The Golden Standard of scientific research
  • Treatments for cancers
  • Inflammation (acid reflux, Crohn’s disease)
  • Sequencing the genome (tailor made medications)
  • Using medical marijuana as a treatment (mentions Kratom)
  • The spread of cancer and the immune response (what’s going on at the cellular level ?)
  • Future health insurance bollocks! (“I see you have a gene that could potentially lead to cancer, we will NOT cover you.”)
  • Health Care systems (private vs universal)

Part 2 – iMac 
(last 18min)



Own Your Mistakes

*Hot! Knife! Behind! Order up!*

When I was 22 I worked at a fine dining restaurant as a line cook. It was ‘open concept’. The kitchen was ‘open’ to the rest of the restaurant.

30 + tables could see us cook and hear us laugh, swear, and yell.

A Friday night in the mid-2000s in July, (one of the hottest nights we had on record in my city) I was working at the restaurant in question – salad and dessert section. I would put together spinach salads and creme brules.

dcllive exotic cook.jpg

Our spinach salad was made with pecans, dressing, and large spinach.

I plated a salad and put it up in the window. I turn to get something out of the fridge and I hear from the other end of the line:

“Who THE FUCK made this spinach salad?!?” said the head chef/owner (he was visiting and helping us cook).

I did not hesitate. I put my hand up, “I did.”

The cooks, servers, and rest of the people in the restaurant turned and looked at me.

“Don’t you EVER put that many pecans on there again!” said the head chef.

“Okay.” I said. Face went red. I was sure I was going to be fired.

The dinner rush ended. We cleaned up and went home.

dcllive exotic cook 2.jpg

That night when I was falling asleep I thought I was going to wake up and not have a job the next morning.

I woke up. No phone call or message. I still had my job.

Same deal as before – night time dinner rush on the weekend in the middle of the summer in a hot kitchen.

I plated a spinach salad. Turned to get something from the fridge then I hear, “Who THE FUCK made this spinach salad?!?” the head chef said.

I did not hesitate. I put my hand up, “I did.”

“Everyone stop cooking.” said the head chef.

He looked up and down the line at all the cooks, “THIS is how you make a proper spinach salad. D, good job.”

I was barely able to hold back a smile.

dcllive exotic cook 4.jpg

After the dinner rush, and when the restaurant emptied out a bit, the owner gave us cooks 2 cases of beer to drink.

Respect earned.

I knew that night and I knew growing up – the quicker you own up to your mistakes the faster the problem can be resolved.

Speak up. Don’t throw anyone under the bus. Take responsibility for your actions.

You do not need to apologize every time you make a mistake. Everyone makes them everyday. But you’ll never learn from failure if you cannot accept that you fucked up in the first place.

Learn from your mistakes, own them, and continue refining your character to become the best version of yourself you can be.

*Hot! Knife! Behind! Order up!*

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