What To Do If A Girl Likes You

Wild woman, you never settle down
Wild woman, you always out of time
You don’t listen to love anymore
You don’t listen to love anymore

When I was younger, and admittedly up until recently, when a girl fell in like with me I would become complacent. I would get comfortable.

And you would think since I know about TRP and Game, and have wrote about similar situations before, that I would of prepared myself and acted accordingly when such situations came up.

Nope. Another most recent failed relationship says otherwise.

(NOTE: I know some of you had shown interest in me writing about the ex and the related break up, but to be honest with you guys I just do not want to yet. I clearly have not learned my lesson when it comes to screening properly but hey, it could of been worse and we’ve all been there. I will write it eventually.)

After the break up what did I do?

Go on dates.

Looking back that was not the best idea. I should of stayed focused on my school work and not have drank so much.

I did the usual protocol, see: How To Get A Date From OKCupid

After some first and second dates (a blow job, sloppy terrible drunk sex, and hook ups with the ex) I found a 21 year old gal that likes me.

dcllive like you

dcllive like you 2

How about you and I have some fun breaking this down some.

“Hello yes so remember last night when you asked Whyy I wanted to see you again and I muttered on cuz I was distracted?”

I do not remember, no.

“I shall explain myself now LOL I find us very compatible with each other in numerous ways tbh. We have similar humour and similar personalities.”

I laugh and smile a lot. I like to have fun. Humor is important. That is a common theme during my dates and dating – even though my ‘dates’ are going to a local pub and drinking pints and splitting the bill, of course.

She is black so I have made some off-color jokes about her parents and my pale skin (nothing racist, just funny) that went over well. If she likes you you can pretty much say anything. She’s a good sport.

(also what the hell is “tbh?”)

“I generally don’t warm up to people quickly, but you’re so easy to talk to I feel comfortable around you (smiley face)”

I am more extroverted than most people in my social group. I consider my default mode as being on, “Open.” However, as I age I notice that I am wanting to not share as much info as I usually do. I talk too fucking much sometimes.

Being, “Open” can be a gift and a curse.

“and, like you said yesterday, I am very very attracted to you and were quite compatible in bed (in my opinion at least)”

Fuck. Them. Good.

I do not care what shape your dick is. You can make it work. Hold ’em down and go to town until you’re sweating and cannot go any longer – then go a bit more and that’s it. No need for the elaborate positions or any of that kamasutra shit.

Also no matter what she (or any girl on the go) is texting me I always try to turn the convo sexual. Nothing gross or too overt. Just a small dose of it.

For example, if she mentions something about her clothes, like she bought a new pair of pants, ask her to send a pic. Then tell her her ass looks nice and what you would do with it. Or you can even try to make it seem like she is the one trying to make the convo sexy and then tease her about it.

“aaaand ya that’s my 17 page essay as to why I wanted to see you again LOL hope your shift is going well (smiley face)”

She just had to tell me. If I had to bet I would say she was with a friend or 2 while writing that text (and also drinking, like most 21 year old girls).

Clearly this broad likes me. What am I going to do about it?

dcllive like you 3


That was a nice txt!

Ya we get along great (smiley face)

We def have similar humor lol”

For some reason that bullshit response of mine worked. I wish I could tell you the evo-psych reason for why it did, but I have no clue. Maybe she even knows it is bullshit but is just playing the part. The part of a summer fling. Just like me.

What To Do When A Girl Likes You
  • Play it cool
  • Act as if nothing has changed
  • If she brings up any “relationship” stuff like “where is this going?” – see the first step (a witty comeback)
    • or be honest and say you’re not looking for anything serious and that you enjoy spending time with her but if she wants to leave it is all good
  • Keep looking for other women
  • Make sure you keep the texting to a minimum, she texts you randomly – not the other way around
  • Own it – make it easy for her to like you
  • At the same time “never make it easy for her (teasing)” – as in, “play with her, and play with her.” (credit Rollo)
  • Have fun and do not take it too seriously

Depending on what you want from a women – girlfriend, mltr, ltr, fb, etc. – then you need to figure that out, get some experience, and then go read something like the Blackdragon blog. Because after a women has fallen for me – that is where things get shaky for me. Do not take advice from me on relationships. Just dating. Or at least try what I say out and see if I am full of shit.

The bullet points seem silly, I know. You should not have to mico-manage your behavior to the point where you can turn it into a “how to.” But for some people it helps. And sharing this with you guys definitely helps me.

She is 21 years old. I am 30. It can happen.

Now you have an idea of what to do when a girl likes you. Have fun out there.


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