The Nervous Braindown! Podcast: Episode 1 – An Introduction


The Nervous Braindown – Episode 1 – Intro

“The Nervous Braindown is here to help you (and me) better understand this immensely complex organ.”

If you have been following my blog/twitter you know that I love the brain. I like it so much that I decided to dedicate some of my time to learning more about it.

Introducing a new podcast project of mine called, “The Nervous Braindown!”

“The Nervous Braindown is all about the Brain
We’ll cover topics related to the Brain such as: Psychedelics, The Universe, Technology, Gender, and many more.”

This is my first attempt at podcasting, and boy, have there been some mishaps, like:

  • talking for 5mins and then realizing Audacity was not recording
  • forgetting what I am talking about mid sentence
  • having the computer freeze and then cursing loud enough my roommate in the other room can hear me
  • not knowing how to upload to youtube

Those are minor missteps and the more I podcast the better I will get at it. And when it comes down to it, it is for education and fun, so I should not sweat it.

For this post, and future podcast-posts, I will share the podcast description and the script I use as well (unedited).

Without further ado, welcome to The Nervous Braindown!

  • Hello and Welcome To The Nervous Braindown!

  • I’m your host, “D” AKA The Dirty Dendrite

  • This is the first podcast (of many I hope)

  • The Nervous Braindown is all about the Brain

  • We’ll cover topics related to the Brain such as: Psychedelics, The Universe, Technology, Gender, and many more

  • Your Brain is…

  • the place where your dreams and goals are conjured up

  • the place where your nightmares and fears marinate

  • the place where your fantasies come to life

  • Your Brain is the most powerful tool in the universe! (as far as we know)

  • But here we are, us humans; stealing, kidnapping, assaulting, killing, and all that other fun stuff.

  • Despite our current knowledge of the Brain (which is a lot, but still not enough) we still fall victim to those bad behaviours.

  • How Did I Get So Interested in the Brain?

  • Well, like most people, I get bombarded with thoughts almost every waking moment (although I’m getting better at controlling the amount of thoughts using mindfulness strategies – which we’ll get into another time)

  • I don’t know about you but, in the morning when I’m in the shower and right when I’m falling asleep at night, are the times when I get hit with a lot of thoughts

  • Thoughts about the previous day (“did I get that thing done?”)

  • Thoughts about my to do list (“I gotta finish that task before I move to the next one.”

  • Thoughts about relationships (“what did my girlfriend mean when she said…”)

  • Or thoughts about my long-term future (“did I make the right decision to pursue this career?”

  • You name it, the thought has been there

  • You see, the Brain is a “Thinking Machine”

  • Its job is to think, non-stop

  • That’s why it can seem hopeless to manage the flow of thoughts

  • But it’s not hopeless

  • The Nervous Braindown is here to help you (and me) better understand this immensely complex organ

  • Together we’ll learn to manage our thoughts and get this sack of grey matter under control

  • Now I’ll share a bit about myself
    • I’m Canadian, currently living in Ontario
    • I’m 30 years old
    • Caucasian
    • I have a girlfriend
    • I live with a roommate
    • And I’m currently enrolled in college
    • (that should be good for now)
  • Before I end this short intro-episode, I’d like to give 2 shout-outs.
  • First, a writer and blogger by the name of Flurian Ulrich (#_____) aka “The Idea Machine, from
  • The other day on Twitter I posted a voting poll, asking people to vote for their favourite podcast name (for this podcast)
  • I also asked if anyone could think of any other cool name
  • Flurian, being “The Idea Machine” came up with 20 different names I could use for a podcast about the Brain.
  • I picked the one I liked the most – The Nervous Braindown
  • So thanks you to Flurian for coming up with a kick ass name for this podcast
  • Finally, I would also like to give shout-out to another writer/blogger by the name of Beppo Venerdi (#____) from
  • Cool podcast, for some reason I really enjoy just listening to him talk (no homo)
  • he could talking about his day and I would listen, he speaks very cleary and very well
  • Before I really got this podcast underway I wasn’t sure what topics it would be on.
  • I went on Twitter again and asked people to give any advice they had for a new podcaster, like myself
  • I initially was going to do a manosphere/RP focused podcast, but Beppo pointed out that I would be pigeon-holed if I did that. He’s right
  • So thank you to Beppo for the great advice
  • Next week I’ll talk about something called the “BRAIN Initiative” which is (definition taken from Wikipedia …”is a collaborative, public-private research initiative announced by the Obama administration on April 2, 2013, with the goal of supporting the development and application of innovative technologies that can create a dynamic understanding of brain function”
  • Sounds like fun
  • That’s all for now guys, thanks for listening
  • Have a great week, and “Stay Out of Trouble You Dirty Dendrites!”

Show Notes

Writers/Bloggers mentioned:
Florian Ulrich –
Beppo Venerdi –

Websites mentioned:
BRAIN Initiative –

It was my first time so the “ums” and “uhs” and dry mouth are quite evident, but like I said, the more I do it the better I’ll get.

Let me know what you guys think. If you have any topics related to the BRAIN that you want discussed let me know.

Thanks for listening.

“Stay Out of Trouble You Dirty Dendrites!”


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