What is the Regressive Left?

“The reason I feel naming them is important is because I now view these regressives as the Left’s version of the Tea Party”


If you found your way here you most likely have heard the term, “Regressive Left” come up in either youtube videos, on a cool twitter feed, or in a blog post from one of your favourite writers. I have heard of it through all three channels.

First, here are some quotes from public figures that are speaking out against PC/Far Left Liberal culture. This will give you a broad understanding of the term.

From Maajid Nawaz:


There’s a section within the left. I refer to them as the regressive left and I want to clarify I don’t mean all of those on the left. I mean a section that have come to the view for the sake of political correctness, for the sake of tolerating what they believe is other cultures and respecting different lifestyles. They have an inherent hesitation to challenge some of the bigotry that can occur…

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