DCLLive Book Review: Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

“Who, What, When, Where, and Why.”
(The Five W’s)

His name is Mike Cernovich.

The book is called Gorilla Mindset.

It’s available now.

On amazon.

Because, for some reason known only to you, you found your way here.

“This is a workbook, not a lecture.”

No doubt if you’re from around this part of the web, you’ve heard of the life improvement system Gorilla Mindset from the owner of the website DangerandPlay.com – Mike Cernovich.

There’s a real good feeling I get when I purchase a book that has been created by artists and writers from this part of the internet. I like supporting their work.

I’ve only known about TRP and The Manosphere (although I think Mike doesn’t associate with it anymore) for roughly two years.

In that time I’ve purchased some great ebooks (tip – grab them when they go on sale!):

I also received review copies:

And I also found copies of older books, out in the deep dark murky waters of the internet.

dcllive kindle mano screenshot
Screenshot of part of my RP/Manosphere ebook collection.

If you write a book, and you’re from around these parts, guys like me WILL buy it.

“By reflecting in the present moment about how a decision will affect you (heavy or light, energy or sedation), you are able to set yourself up to have a winning future.”

The actions in the book that I related to the most where, of course, ‘Checking-In’ and ‘Self-Talk’.

I first saw Mike write about those things in a post of his titled, “Living in the Present, Planning for the Future.”

I just had to drop a comment:

Good idea.

A simple self awareness and goal setting technique called, “implementation intentions” has been beneficial* to me when trying to be aware of or trying to change my behavior.

They are If-then statements.

I am writing on a phone at the moment. I will elaborate when I get home tonight.

This has got me thinking. -d

I’ve always been interested in the brain.

However, being ‘lost in thought’ was actually first introduced to me from the works of neuroscientist, philosopher and author Sam Harris.

An example:

There is now little question that how one uses
one’s attention, moment to moment, largely determines what kind of person one becomes. Our minds
—and lives—are largely shaped by how we use them.


But my suffering was entirely the product of my


it can be very helpful to
manufacture a feeling of gratitude by simply contemplating all the terrible things that have not
happened to you, or to think of how many people would consider their prayers answered if they could
only live as you are now.

Thinking in terms of my thoughts (and yours) as simply being – things that come in-and-out of existence, we hold on to them for a bit, then they return to the æther – has been quite liberating, in a way, for me.

Now when in comes to Mike’s book: There are actionable steps to take control of those thoughts, use them to your advantage and work towards never becoming a slave to your mind.

The Worksheets

I read the book once through then went back to the worksheet sections and filled them in. The book becomes way more interactive when you actually take some time to fill in the worksheets.

Here are some of the notes I wrote while following along in the book:

My affirmation from the book

dcllive gm affirmation

The Self-Talk Worksheet

dcllive gm self talk

The Frame Control Worksheet

dcllive gm frame control

The Mindfulness Worksheet

dcllive gm mindfulness

The State Control Worksheet

dcllive gm state control

Gorilla Focus Worksheet

dcllive gm gorilla focus

The Lifestyle Worksheet

dcllive gm lifestyle

The Visualization Worksheet

dcllive gm visualization

You don’t have to write a novel for the worksheets. The idea is that you write enough so you can really get into the book.

Like I said at the beginning, it gives me great pleasure to support artists and writers from this part of the web. I’ve found value in all the books I’ve got.

The only negative thing I could say isn’t really about the content of the book, but the book itself. I couldn’t for the life of me get my copy of the PDF. Perhaps that had more to do with my lack of computer skills.

Mindset tools found in Gorilla Mindset, like ‘Cheking-in’ and ‘Self-Talk’, are wonderful tools I can use for the rest of my life.

We won’t settle for good when greatness is within sight. We won’t live as slaves when all we need to do is leave the zoo.”

You can grab a copy of Gorilla Mindset here.

gorilla mindset.