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DCLLive Mailbox: Best Way to Work Car Sex?

Forums. I never used them that much. Still don’t.

But I did recently sign up for the Project Playboy Forum at Some cool things in there, check it out.

Within this past year, on other forums, I’ve found some great threads and comments. Also, some of my first posts I wrote started on a forum. I only wrote a few, mostly stuck to lurking though.

Like I said, I wasn’t very active. Mostly because I was new – didn’t really understand the ‘unwritten’ rules of the forum (see: don’t be a trolling douche) – and didn’t really feel like making too much noise.

The other morning I got an email that notified me of a new response on an old thread I posted in over at the Girls Chase Forum. It’s from about a year ago.

The subject of the email was, “Topic reply notification – “Best way to work car sex?”” from a user by the name of Bboy100.

Now, I don’t know this guy at all. But from seeing a bit of his posting history I’m making an educated guess that he is your typical college kid wanting to get laid and asking so many questions it makes everything seem overwhelming.

Shit, I still do that sometimes.

So, instead of breaking this down with some psychological analysis (that I’m not really good at) or just telling the kid to go to the rational male (he should totally do that, if he hasn’t already) which is too easy, and also no fun for me, I’m going to try and keep this as straight forward and logistical as I can, using the few years of experience I have to try and help him out.

Here is my comment in the thread from a year ago, it’s kind of long:

Re: Best way to work car sex?
Postby dcl » Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:01 am

Hey Scofield.

Franco, Escher and Zphix have all suggested terrific things. Believe them, it works.

More often I have done this with young women that I have known for more than 72 hours but it still works all the same with women you’ve just met (if they are willing to get in the car with you that is).

A few things to remember…
Always assume attraction because, hell, she’s in the car.

It’s good to find a discrete location to park. Women love fooling around in public places, which is not the same as PDA. Keeping it discrete is very important to them. I use places like, high school/public baseball, football, soccer fields, parks and recreational areas are great. Or the good-old parking lot will do, however not that exciting and best used at night time, somewhere not too dangerous.

Music, anything really works, maybe not classical, haven’t tried that yet.

You driver’s seat, her passenger seat.

If for some reason you both still have your seat belts on, then, while your talking, slowly take your seat belt off, but don’t acknowledge it. You can use this as sort of a test to elicit an ioi.
If she doesn’t take hers off you can tease her about it, while giving her a confused look while moving your eyes down her chest to the seat belt say something like, “I’m not driving that fast am I?” or “Don’t worry, my airbags are top-notch, five start rating.” or depending on the vibe, “I’ve heard about safe-sex but is that really necessary?! (gesturing at the seat belt)”, remember, always followed by a sexy smile.

If, however, she takes off her seat belt after you do it (the sooner the better), its go time. She knows what’s up.

Kino is oh so important here. Her legs, shoulders, head, hair, hands, arms, hips, bum, everything other then her feet (unless she’s tiny and sits on the seat with her legs up) are mere inches away from you.
Rough guideline, using your hands, the succession of Kino I use is as follows: hand to hand, hand to arm, arm then to shoulders, shoulders then to hip, hip then to leg, hand to face, face to mouth, mouth to mouth. Eye Contact Flirting is a must during this process.
When the time is right, Escalation Window her I come. Move in for the kiss. Push-Pull. Escalate. Deal with her uncertainty accordingly.
Assuming everything is going well and your tongue is in the pretty girls mouth, you should go to the back seat when things in the front start to get hot and heavy, almost too much for the front seats. You both need more room. From here on its up to you to lead her, that’s all that is required.

Moving to the back seat…
With the sexual tension built up, through teasing, touching and good make-out/foolin’ around skills, the time has come, you simply tell her to get in the back. This is an expression of dominance.
Other times, if I wanted to escalate, I would pull away from the intense make-out session and jump in the back, before she could react, and say something like, “Get over here.”

This is how I do it. All vehicles are pretty much the same, interior wise. Unless you have a van and you go in through side doors and are already in the back seat, you’ll want to use a strategy, like the ones provided here, to transition a women to the back.

Also, Escher’s point on taking the interaction outside is a fantastic idea. Having some beach towels and blankets and pillows in your trunk can come in very handy. -dcl

Here is Bboy100’s response that I got the other day, and my responses to his questions are below each one:

Re: Best way to work car sex?
Postby Bboy100 » Fri May 29, 2015 8:27 pm

Hey guys,

I love these processes. I’ve been wondering what my logistics will be when I move back in with my parents for the summer. I think this finally solves the issue.

A few questions though:

1. What if she pulls away when making out (i.e. she’s “sated”) or she never starts using tongue or the make out session ends prior to tongue for any other reason?

If she pulls away when making out, in my experience, it could be because of a couple of reasons: a) she’s in your car, that’s a good sign, but ask yourself, do you think there was enough comfort-rapport-arousal built with her before you started making out? (NOTE – comfort and rapport do not equal arousalb) while making-out perhaps you were ‘too’ sexually aggressive and moved a bit too fast – slow down, re-calibrate, and try again later, build up tension c)what seems like no reason at all for her pulling away, could actually be because she was the one getting too excited and needed to control herself.

Remember, although you must lead, don’t forget there’s another person there with you and they may have similar insecurities and may be just as nervous as you are.

2. How do you guys normally do logistics during the daytime. What I mean to say is, if its light out, and we’re
in a relatively public location with no tinted windows, does car sex still work? I would guess I have to move
the car somehow? What kind of “reason” would I give for doing so.

From the sounds of things I would suggest not worrying too much about having sex in a car, during the day and in public. Worry about having the girl in the car with you first.

However, if you actually feel good about initiating sex in a car then, yes, moving the car would be a great idea. Try looking for empty parking lots, parks, side dirt roads, things like that. How about finding a park, going for a walk and then finding a cool secret spot for you guys to fool around? Girls like adventures.

3. On a related note, what kind of pulls/plausible deniability do you guys give for having her in your car to begin with. I can’t really think of a reason why she would go in my car if she also drove herself to where we are.

A reason you could give is to show her some music, a cool new thing you got for your car or perhaps to just chill and have a drink or snack. If she agrees to go in the car with you, again, that’s a good sign.

There doesn’t need to be some great reason for you to have her in the car. What you’re really doing here is screening to see if she actually wants to be alone with you in your car.

The main thing that I ‘d suggest that you read up on and work on (if you think you need to) is screening for girls that like you.

Once you know they like you, all you really need to do is lead. If she likes you, she will follow you anywhere.-dcl

Well, what do you guys think? Do you have anything to add for the college students here?

I haven’t actually posted my responses to him yet, I wanted to get other guys’ ideas and then surprise him with a bunch of good advice.

Please leave your tips in the comments below and let’s help this young guy out!

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