Suppress the urge until it’s your turn.

Have you ever had that feeling of really wanting to say what you wanted to say or had the thought of, “I can’t wait until this person stops talking so I can say the thing that happened to me that relates to what their saying!”? If you’re a human being, and a little more extroverted then the normal person, then I know this has happened to you at one time or another in your life. It happens to me more than I’d like it to. Here are two examples of when I experience that ‘urge’ when talking to people I know: 1. If the conversation is about women – we share our trials and errors, some disagreement 2. When we’re talking about Football – we are all in the same Fantasy Football league Sometimes I seem to think that I know more than them about how women actually are and who was/is the best GM of this Fantasy Football season. Although it certainly doesn’t make me an expert, I’ve slept with more women and have had more relationships than my roommate and close friends, not all of them) and I got first place in the regular season, finished third in the playoffs, made $150 overall.

Me thinking I know more than them fuels my ego

…and I must make them understand they are wrong. That need to ‘have to have that person understand’ is an ego investment you should steer clear of. Just knowing that you are right should be enough. Also, being a little bit more extroverted then normal, I talk more than I should. I think maybe I developed that psychological schema because I felt I had to make up for how short I am and other things I think I lack, filling a void or something like that. Not too sure.

Introspection brings you closer to who you want to be

The ability to be able to look at possible bad character traits like, not waiting for your turn to talk or talking too much, is the first step in getting rid of bad habits related to basic social etiquette.

Suppress the urge until it’s your turn

If you do, you will notice that people will connect with you easier because they think you are a good listener. And by practicing basic social etiquette like this you will become a good listener. That then helps you to develop good people skills that you need in order to become the genuine, masculine man you are working hard to become.


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