A Small Investment in Yourself Goes a Long Way

I wrote on the white board in my room, “NO BOOZE” and my roommate later wrote under it, “FUCK BITCHES MAKE MONEY”

Trying to do all of those is emotionally and physically draining but I wouldn’t want it, and it can’t be, any other way.

Today, with the last twenty dollars I had, I went into the pub, said Hi to the bartender (an older lady, she’s nice) and ordered a pint.

I know I’ve talked some shit about the pub. How couldn’t I?

If you’ve worked somewhere for eight years (especially in a restaurant, front or back of the house), for almost a decade, then you can imagine there would be some hate directed towards your place of employment. It’s natural.

I’m over it and have moved on.

At least I hope that’s the case. You see…

There is a reason I went to the pub today. Not because I’m an alcoholic (perhaps technically) but because the life of self employment can present you with TOO MUCH freedom and a lot more responsibility than it is made out to have.

Bad habits regarding personal finance can become common if there isn’t a solid foundation of discipline

I’m working on that. Find out how much money you need to be making to sustain your lifestyle and then work hard to maintain it. If your life is full of bad habits, starting developing good ones (a review of one of SJ’s books is coming soon).

I talked to the owner and told him that, if he needs help, I’m available. I tried to make it come off without giving him too much hand, or power, in the interaction. I’m not THAT available.

Speaking of hand, when the conversation was over he said, “Thanks and good to see ya.” followed by a hardy handshake. I’ve known him for a decade and haven’t said as much as you would think to him. This guy is one of the most stoic mother fuckers I’ve ever met so that handshake was a gesture to document for the ages.

You guys have got to make sure your handshakes are on-fucking-par

An equal, as much as it can be, exchange of respectful masculine energy i.e. a good handshake cannot be a lost art. Not on my watch.

There has been too many times that I’ve shook hands with, what I thought was the most ‘Alpha’ ever, then turns out to be a limp wrist-ed mirage. Not as cool as I’d thought.

Although not as much recently, I’ve also been the one giving the most shite excuse for a handshake ever. But not this time.

My last twenty dollars of this month helped propel me to an opportunity to make more money. You know what also gave me an opportunity although I didn’t even recognize it? Me.

I under value myself a lot of the time and don’t realize how awesome I actually am

If I burned bridges and was a loser fuck-head then the owner wouldn’t of hired me on part-time for some shifts this month. I need money and he needs the help. We’re both man enough to suck up our pride in the spirit of making more money, for him and for myself.

It’s an investment. Spend money to make money. Even if it’s your last dime. -dcl


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