Stop Saying “No Problem”

There is something happening to the way in which we communicate with each other.

It’s not good.

The “hellos”, “goodbyes”, “thank yous” and their subsequent responses have been disgusti-fied by the lazy ways in which we’ve chosen to interact with each other.

One of the easiest ways in which you can see a real life example of this ‘disgusti-fied language’ is to say Thank You to someone.

I can almost guarantee you they will respond with the most lazy, stupid and non-answer/response I’ve ever heard – No Problem.

Problem? What problem?

I said thanks for bagging my groceries, genuinely meant it and you seem to think that I THINK you went out of your way to help me.

And this goes beyond just the grocery store. It’s everywhere.
When I say “thank you” the correct response is, “You’re welcome”.

That’s the end of the short exchange.

And that’s how Men communicate.

If it feels weird for you to start saying, “You’re welcome” then I’m sorry to say my friend you are stuck in the shitty social programming and must break free if you want to be taken seriously.

As Men we should always mean what we say and not go out of our way to misrepresent ourselves.

Creating preferences to construct your personality is essential on your road to becoming a better man. One of those preferences can be speaking with purpose and intent.

What have we learned?

Stop Saying “NO PROBLEM”

Can you guys think of any other ‘disgusti-fied language’, words, sayings or responses that need to come to an end?