D Live On Nutrition: The 3 C’s

If you are motivated to eat healthier and have just a few minutes to slice and dice, then your mind and body will thank you.

Of course we all know we should eat fruits and vegetables, but why should we?

Since you were a young lad you were told that they were filled with essential vitamins and minerals. And that they are important for maintaining good health.

Well ya DCL, no shit.

Most fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw which makes them very convenient.

Okay, so what if they are convenient? How am I supposed to get them into my daily routine?

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I have been seeing a nutritionist for a few months now. Not long ago, for whatever reasons, most likely being I was too lazy/stoned/drunk/didn’t think/care/know about basic nutrition, I ate unhealthy food at work and at home in my apartment.

I am now finding out what food I can, and cannot eat, regarding my gut health and weight gain.

What I found most difficult was, not getting motivated to eat better but, incorporating healthy eating, like fruit and vegetables, into my daily routine.

I am out and about during the day because of my new job. And I needed a way to have healthy food ready to eat when I wanted to.

Little did I know, the cooking jobs I had been doing for so many years actually prepared me for the 3 C’s. But at the time, I was not practicing them. I was just going about my usual routine of eating whatever was around me at the time.

The other day I was sitting talking to S, my nutritionist. I told her that I wanted an easy way to have healthy food around to be able to eat, right away.

She then went on to explain to me the 3 C’s of healthy eating, which are:

Clean, Cut and Contain
  • Clean your counter and cutting board
  • Wash vegetables in cool water to remove residue
  • Be sure to dry them
  • Cut the vegetables into edible pieces for yourself
  • Place them in a large container in the fridge


If you follow the 3 C’s you will always have vegetables and fruit ready whenever you are packing lunches, making dinner or craving a snack.

Below is a picture of my fridge as of writing this.

I had just finished a fruit tray, that my roommate bought (he is now trying to eat healthy as well!) that was sitting on top of the carrots and broccoli.

fridge stuff



When the right choice is available, it is much easier to stay on a healthy track. -dcl