D Live On Nutrition: Healthy Habits


I have been seeing a nutritionist for just over a month now. I am trying to implement healthy eating habits and meal plans into my mobile lifestyle.

These days, because of my new job, I am only at home in the morning and then driving about around town, some days until the later evening. I want to make sure I am eating the right stuff AND eating enough to, at least, maintain my weight.

The whole reason I started seeing a nutritionist was so I could learn how to gain weight in a healthy way and find out what types of food are good and bad for my stomach. But, even though I want to gain a bunch of weight real fast, I have to consider my condition and that I must create healthy eating habits first, so I do not go back to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In the first post I shared with you my stomach condition and subsequent weight loss.

In the second post I shared with you an email exchange, between me and my nutritionist S, about how our bodies are in their highest state of stress in the morning. At that time, our metabolisms are working at its highest rate. We want to replenish fat and protein and eat foods that are not high in sugar.

Continuing the same theme, I will share with you another email from S.

At the meeting, S and I went over certain things that I inquired about, such as:

  • Cholesterol
  • Food Intolerance
  • Gluten
  • Freezing Foods
  • Flax Seed
  • Quinoa
  • Structure of Meals
  • Pointers for Eating Out

Some of you might be thinking, “D, weren’t you a cook for eight years? Shouldn’t you have known all this?”

The lifestyle of a cook-in-the-grind is busy, stressful and sometimes unhealthy. It most certainly took its toll on me. And basic nutrition was not even on my radar. I am not making excuses. I simply did not know anything was wrong with me or that what shitty food I was eating was even having a negative effect my on body.

But now I am at the point where I have started to take things seriously and I do not see me falling into an unhealthy lifestyle any time soon.

Here is the email from S. I hope you find some useful information (I add the underline for emphasis):

S <@.com>
Aug 9 (11 days ago)

to me
Hi D!

Please forgive the delay! Hopefully you’re having a good weekend so far 🙂 Its beautiful out, so hopefully you’ve been able to enjoy some good weather!

How did things go with your client yesterday? I know you’d mentioned it was your first female client 🙂

So, I have attached all of the recipes and the lunch ideas that we made up together! And here’s a little recap of what we went over yesterday 🙂

1. Cholesterol. There are two types. One is good, and one is bad. Our body naturally produces cholesterol, and we actually need it for overall health. The misconception these days with cholesterol is that we can’t have it in our diet. BUT that’s not true. If we’re eating whole foods that naturally contain cholesterol, and not bombarding our bodies with heavily processed junk, then our body can use that cholesterol, and gauge its own natural production, which will leave us with a good amount of Good Cholesterol, and the bad Cholesterol will naturally be lower.

2. Food Intolerance’s and YOU: I know that you’d mentioned that cheese may be something that is not working so well for you. And to be honest, I wouldn’t be totally surprised. Lactose can be very hard for many of us to break down, and where cheese tends to be pretty high in lactose, it only makes sense that you MAY be intolerant. However, in the scenarios that you’ve mentioned that you had it, you were also consuming gluten containing foods which can also be contributing to some digestive discomfort for you. So as time goes on, we can continue to experiment with this. We will most likely eliminate all gluten containing foods prior to eliminating all dairy products. Gluten tends to be far more taxing on the body than dairy, so lets work with that one first.:) (By the way, you’re doing so well already)

3. Foods that contain gluten can be anything that contains wheat, barley or rye. The holy bread that you’ve been eating unfortunately does contain gluten, but once you get the chance to make either the grain-less bread, or the one minute muffins, that will eliminate the gluten in the bread department.

4. I know that you had mentioned that you would like to be able to freeze some foods so that when you get home from work it will be easier to have something handy when the dinner time hunger kicks in. Of the recipes that I am sending you today, you can freeze the following

– Butternut Squash Soup

– The pizza crust, or the whole pizza

– Burgers

Pretty well all of these recipes will last you about a week in the fridge, so making them in bulk is always ideal..:)

5. Flax seed: its amazing for you. Its a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, and it is also a great source of fiber. It helps add bulk to your bowel movements, which means its very helpful in creating better gut-health 🙂 Like I said before, if our guts are happy, then chances are, we’re happy too. When you buy the flax, I would suggest buying the whole seeds, and grinding it yourself. After grinding it, put it in the freezer. The good fats that are available in flax seeds actually reside on the inside, and when we break up the seed we’re allowing the good oils to oxidize more quickly (which is why I suggest putting them in freezer, so the oils DON’T oxidize as quickly) . But in order for us to get any of the nutrients, they have to be ground. The human stomach cannot break down the shell of the flax seed. I hope that makes sense, I realize it is a little confusing. If that doesn’t make sense, please just let me know, and I will offer some more clarification.

6. Organic Meats: You can find them at the little stand called “Field Gate” inside the convent garden market 🙂

7. When it comes to any of the recipes from this email, I would suggest getting

– Organic Quinoa

– No salt-added bean mixture

– White tuna in Water and low/no sodium,

8. QUINOA – Quinoa is a grain. It is the only grain that is a complete protein on its own. In order for a protein to be complete it has to have all of the essential amino acids in order for the body to recognize it as such. We get complete proteins from any animal sources like chicken, fish, and eggs.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complete_protein <– There is a link if you would like to learn more about the 9 essential amino acids. 🙂

9. Structure of meals for you: You always want a protein, a carbohydrate and a fat. If you refer back to that list that I sent you previously (“Good Sources of…”), if you pair up any of the 3, chances are, you are eating a balanced meal. With regards to snacks, if you’re having a fruit, its always ideal to pair it with a protein or fat. So, for example if you’re having grapes with Greek yogurt, then the grapes are your carbohydrate, and the Greek yogurt is your protein and fat

10. Pointers for eating out:

– Try to stick to lean protein like burgers, fish, and chicken

– Try to make sure that you’re pairing them with some sort of a vegetable.

– Try to stay away from creamy sauces, breads, and large amounts of cheese.

– The best pointer that I can give you, is just to do your best to mimic a meal that you would make at home. BUT always remember, that it is OK to indulge sometimes. We’re human, and we like to eat some “less than healthy” foods sometimes. So, don’t ever feel like you CAN’T have something if you really want it.. 🙂 Like you mentioned, food is such a huge part of our lives, its social, some of us go to food when we’re happy, some of us go to food when we’re sad, we all have a different relationship with food, but the most important is finding the right balance for you. The balance of whole foods that is serving your overall health, and providing you with your healthiest and happiest life.. 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to fire away.. 🙂
Its always a pleasure chatting with you! See you next week!
Talk soon,


As I have said in the previous posts, I would not preach this stuff if I did not think it was useful. Getting basic healthy eating habits and nutrition concepts down has been a wonderful addition to my life.

Up on my fridge are the breakfast meals, lunch meals (links to meal plans at the bottom) and some suggestions for paring carbs, proteins and fats. I pretty much have the breakfast meals down. I eat eggs, almond butter and toast with some almond milk and perhaps some berries, every morning. Not too much fruit as I do not want to have too much carbs (sugar) in the morning.

The lunch meals were actually quite easy to implement. Chicken pizza with mushrooms and spinach and perhaps some other veggies, a burger in a salad with mixed greens, spinach and oil and vinegar with balsamic dressing. I thought it would be harder. I think the fact that I am noticing that I feel better (better sleep, better bowl movements and my energy is dispersed throughout the day) made it easy for me to change my mid day eating habits.

*Also I am sharing some more recipes. The links are at the bottom.

Again, if you have any suggestions or tips on eating healthy and also gaining weight in a healthy way, then leave a comment or send me an email (ask for email in comments). -d

Butternut Squash Soup

Greek Quinoa Salad

Mayo-Free Tuna Salad

Olive Oil Salad Dressing

Sweet Potato Medallions

D-Breakfast Options

D- Lunch Options


D Live On Nutrition: Change It Up


I basically hit the restart button on my health. I used to walk around sixteen pounds heavier than I do at the moment. In this case this is not good. I am a small guy to begin with (I have not been this small since back in the day, this is pretty much how big I am at the moment).

In the previous post I shared with you that I have GERD. That, plus questionable lifestyle choices, were the reason for the weight loss.

Regardless of what happened to my body within the last year, I am here now. Seeing a nutritionist and hiring my friend as a personal trainer.

I was skeptical at first (with the nutritionist), but because my health was questionable I needed to see an expert who could help me with my eating habits.

So today I would like to share my email correspondence, that I have been having with S, so other men throughout the manosphere can use it to help make their own healthy eating choices.

I couldn’t possibly preach this info if it did not have any positive impact on my life. It has.

to: S
from: D
July 9
Hi S.

My Name is D. and I was referred to you from a friend of mine, G.

I talked to him recently about me having difficulties with gaining weight and getting my nutrition in order.

Around this time last year I was diagnosed with a stomach condition called GERD. Basically my stomach produces more acid than the average person. Since the diagnosis I have lost 16 lbs (dropped down from 136 lbs). Gaining that weight back, in a healthy way, has been difficult for me. G recommended I see a nutritionist to get my health in order.

I would love to set up a consultation with you next week, at your earliest convenience, to see if this is a good process for me to pursue.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time. -D

to: me
from: S
July 9
Hi D,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear about your condition. Seeking nutrition consulting is definitely your best bet. Nutrition and lifestyle are massive contributors to such conditions, and there are so many habits that we can work on, and build that will make you feel much better and will allow your body to produce more “normal” amounts of acid.

An initial consultation with me would last about an hour and a half to two hours. During that time, I would get a better idea of you. Likes, dislikes, allergies, intolerances, lifestyle, etc..That way I will be able to start working with you in building the habits that are going to alleviate the symptoms that you’re feeling and get you well on your way to living life more comfortably. Next Tuesday I could see you at 2:30. How does that time frame look for you?? If that does not work, just send me a few times that would work for your schedule..:)

I really look forward to meeting you, and working towards alleviating the symptoms and discomfort you have been feeling.


to: me
from: S
July 15
Hi D,

It was so nice meeting you today. I am glad that G sent you this way. I know that the changes that we are going to work through are going to add so much to your health, and it will just naturally shine into all other areas of life..:)

So, today…

We talked about nutrition, and how we ultimately want to reduce the amount of stress that food tends to put on our body. Foods that can be really taxing on our bodies are foods that are very high in sugar or are heavily processed (which usually go hand in hand).

We talked about how first thing in the morning our bodies are in their highest state of stress, and our metabolisms are working at its highest rate. So ultimately what we want to do is replenish fat and protein, and eat foods that are not saturated in sugar. 🙂

When we look at the breakfast options you will notice that I have made pairings that have incorporated things like

Protein (eggs, greek yogurt, egg whites)
Fat (Avocado, Nut Butters, Eggs)
Carbohydrates (Berries and Apples<– because they have a lower glycemic load which is less taxing on the body, but still very important to a balanced lifestyle)

But, you will also notice that the majority of your breakfast is coming from both Protein and Fat.

Unfortunately, if you look at Canada’s food guide, they will tell you that the majority of your breakfast should come from carbohydrates, and much less protein and fat. But even though our food guide tells us this, our population is still growing exponentially. This is because the foods that are being promoted are so heavily processed, and incredibly taxing on the body. See what I am saying here?

So, on another note:

Any of the food items you will need for the recipes can be found at the bulk barn, loblaws, no frills. Please be patient at first, because sometimes you may ask for something, and people will look at you like you have 4 heads, but that’s just because some things aren’t as popular as others. You will notice that after you’ve purchased something once or twice, it will just become second nature, and you will know exactly where to look.

Some Organic Brands of food that you may like to look into:

For meat you can check out Field Gate which is located in the covent garden market.
You should also be able to find yogurt there (but it might just be easier and more cost effective to get it from the grocery store)

For the yogurt you can usually find Organic Meadows at loblaws in the organic section.

Here is the link for the one minute Muffins that we talked about. You can feel free to use these as sandwich bread at any time..:) I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


I have also attached the files that we had talked about.. If you have any questions about them, please feel free to just fire away!
Also, here is a link where you can find some benefits of coconut oil.. I figured you’d like to check that out. http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/13-evidence-based-medicinal-properties-coconut-oil

Please let me know if you have any questions over the next week.

Talk soon,



Some things I have found out about myself during this whole ‘healthy lifestyle change’:

  • I cannot take advice to heart unless I believe the person giving me the advice is an expert or someone I think has credibility
  • Realized that I have had this strange mindset when it came to food, I knew what was ‘really bad for you’ but still just kinda put food in my body hoping to gain weight
  • I was expecting results right away but must understand that these changes in habits take time and I must be patient

I have always been hesitant to take advice from random people, what the hell do they really know anyway? Where is their source of credibility coming from? Did they go to school and learn about this certain subject? Have they been in the profession for long? – make sure to have the ability to ask these questions and successfully screen people so you are not fucked over. If you are investing money into your health, like I am, this is a good practice to get into.

S is a nutritionist but also has her own business so I understand how and why she is spreading out the information: a little bit at a time so as to not overwhelm me with info so I can develop good eating habits, but also that it keeps me coming back to get more and more healthy eating advice. I don’t mind because I can afford it at the moment.

* I will also attach some recipes, nutrition facts and a simple breakfast meal plan that I have started to adopt quite regularly.

Also, if you have any suggestions or tips on eating healthy and also gaining weight in a healthy way, then leave a comment or send me an email, I would love to hear from you. -d

Nutrition Facts



Grainless Granola

Grainless Bread

Good Sources of…

D-Breakfast Options

D-Snack Options

D Live On Nutrition: GERDs The Word


Do not let your health get to a point where you have to start taking medication. Become self aware enough to be able to recognize if your behavior and bad habits are effecting your health in a negative way.

Last year, around June, I was diagnosed with a stomach condition called GERD. That stands for Gastroesophageal reflux disease. This condition is developed when an increase in stomach acid creates intense discomfort and complications inside the stomach.

As a result of me having GERD for awhile, and not knowing about it and continuing to lead an unhealthy lifestyle (I thought intense stomach acid and heartburn where normal for someone my age and with my lifestyle), I also developed something called Barrett’s Esophagus. Basically the bottom part of my esophagus was burned away from the increased amount of acid in my stomach.


Now I am on a PPI called, “Tecta” – taken once a day. Never thought I would be on pills, for anything.

For the longest time (until only very recently) I ignored a healthy lifestyle. Binge drinking, partying and drugs where a staple of my early twenties. Fitness was not part of my life. I also ignored healthy eating practices and just sort of ate whatever, whenever.

I have had to make drastic changes to my life. For example, I no longer smoke cigarettes (although I will have one or two while I am out on the town, I used to have a pack a week), I do not drink nearly as much as I used to (three days drinking, then a day off then repeat, was standard for me, now it is once a week) and I am actually taking my nutrition seriously for the first time in my life.


A bartender friend of mine heard I was looking for a nutritionist and recommended a female friend of his. Her name is S.

I soon contacted S and began a correspondence with her to set up a meeting to see if nutrition consulting is for me.

The initial meeting we sat down and talked about my lifestyle and eating habits and got to know each other a bit. Just before S graduated, to become a Nutritionist, she said she started to notice inconsistencies within the curriculum, faculty and promotion of certain health practices or diets. One example she gave was that more than half of her teachers were overweight and did not actually live a healthy life like the ones they were preaching and teaching. So after she graduated she started her own nutrition consulting business.


Since mid July I have been seeing S once a week. She shares wonderful advice with me about nutrition. So I figured that since basic health practices, like eating good food, eludes a lot of people (it certainly did me) I thought I would share her information with you guys so you can try it out yourself. (NOTE – not all nutrition plans work for everyone, the one that works for me might not work for you, but having a place to start – like which food to actually eat – is as good as any.

In a couple of days I will start sharing the email correspondence that S and I have regarding nutrition. There are some good tips in them and more to come. So stay tuned!

Also, I would love to hear about the lifestyle changes and eating habits that you have made in order to improve your overall health and well being. -d