34 Days To A New Beginning

I quit my cooking job. I have thirty four days left until my only source of income is self employment.

Having a plan is essential before leaving your current job. I currently have five clients/contracts and my plan is to get another five so I can fill up my schedule and continue to network throughout the company and community.

I am also taking the steps necessary to enroll in a one year fast-track course in DSW. Having a piece of paper saying I graduated from a college course plus my awesome personality and leadership skills will put me ahead of the competition. That is just the way it is and I might as well do my best and make money while simultaneously trying to Enjoy The Decline.

If you are stuck in a job you dislike, before you make any rash decisions and terminate your employment, make sure you have a fall-back plan.

That could be anything from another job, money saved up or friends and family to help you out.

I am fortunate enough to have all four.




The decision to leave the pub and do something I am actually passionate about was difficult but necessary.

After becoming a screened personal support worker within these last six months I have come to realize my time and skills are valuable. And I will take my skills to whomever values me the most AKA pays me accordingly.

I remember making the decision on-the-line while cooking.

There was a rush of emotions. Many thoughts ran through my head. But basically what I can remember hating for the last time were the cuts, the burns, the childish behavior, the lack of responsibility, the terrible communication between the front and back of the house or more specifically, the lack of leadership throughout the pub.




It was not always like this and I did learn a lot.

Some skills I learned are:

  • Being a leader during high pace, high energy and stressful situations
  • Proper food handling
  • Great knife and basic cooking skills

Some fun things I did while working at the pub where:

  • Getting drunk after work for free
  • Drinking booze while cooking
  • Gaming the servers and hostesses
  • Getting baked behind the dumpsters on a break
  • Cooking up whatever I felt like eating that day
  • Secretly making out with FB’s
  • Getting a hand-job upstairs in the change room from a tiny-brunette-twenty-two-year-old-female server (*Note – Although that was awesome I do not recommend dating fellow employees. Only be discreet FB’s. I do not have experience in an office setting but I imagine it goes the same.)




There comes a time in a young mans’ life where he must realize whether he can continue with what he is doing and accept his eventual plateau or take the risk of going out on his own and find the room for financial and personal growth.

In thirty four days I will literally be my own boss.

I cannot be certain what will happen in the next six months. But if the previous six are any indication, I will be just fine. -d


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