Howdy Stranger

tumblr_mnikkn5mYx1s79rl8o1_500 I have met a lot of strange people in my life and I am glad of every single one. I may not of been able to relate to them from my own life experiences but they very often gave me a glimpse into the lives of people who are underprivileged, drug addicted, who were a struggling single parent, drug dealer, criminal, biker and many more. Making an effort to meet and interact with various types of people, especially in your youth, can do wonders for your people skills and self awareness. Also, the more types of people you meet, the more types of people you can screen to have in your life, or to not get involved with.

Nose Candy

When I was in high school I used to hang out at the beach a lot. The locals would joke and call me preppy and I would laugh and call them townies. We all got along. There was this one kid who owned his own house. He would host and sponsor these huge raves. The raves had a mix of country folk, trailer trash, drug fiends and hockey players. On any given afternoon, while strolling along the beach, you could run into one of these wonderful people. This one guy (we’ll call him ‘Jimmy’) could be seen stumbling along the shoreline. On one such afternoon my friend and I were talking to these two girls when all of a sudden Jimmy pops out of nowhere. My friend and I look at each other with a look that says, “If we do not get this man out of here these girls will be gone SO FAST!” Because Jimmy was the biggest vag-tingle repellent I ever met. As he approached us, we moved to exchanged pleasantries quickly so as to not have him linger around for too long. After Jimmy regaled us with a story of his previous night of debauchery, he eventually says his good bye. My buddy and I thought we were in the clear. But right before he left, Jimmy makes the biggest loogie-hork sound ever, swallows it then reaches into his nose. He pulls out a little booger-ball of cocaine and then puts it in his mouth and says, “Nice wake and bake gumm’er boys!” And walks away. That was the last time I saw Jimmy. That was also the last time I saw those girls.

The Woody Pendulum

This one dude (we’ll call him ‘Stan’) I met in college. He lived in the same shitty apartment building as my two friends. Stan used to hook us up with weed or whatever we happened to be looking for for that weekend. He was also a very loyal person and a loving father. If anyone tried to fuck with us Stan was the first one to go ape shit crazy. On occasion we would hang out with him. Mostly so we could keep our dealer. One night when we were drinking at Stan’s he showed us some nasty scars. The best one by far was his back. You see, Stan had his back skin-grafted because his homemade hash oil operation blew up all around him. After the skin grafting he got his back scars covered up with tattoos of an elaborate flaming skulls mosaic. Another time while Stan and my buddies and I were drinking he asked us if we wanted to see something crazy. Of course we did. He grabbed a short orange wooden stool, a nail and a hammer. He then proceeded to take off his pants, put his sack on the stool seat and then HAMMERED the nail into his sack (the skin part), through to the stool. Then he picked it up and started swinging the stool back and forth between his legs with his balls. We all could not stop howling! Oh man, I wonder what happened to Stan.

Howdy Stranger

Those are just two examples from my life of interesting people I have met. Those men are not in my life anymore for some obvious reasons. Because I developed good people skills and had the tools to be able to screen people who came in and out of my life, I was able to move on with no harm done. You should use discretion when interacting with weirdos. If you have developed personal boundaries then this should not be an issue. Do not be afraid to meet all sorts of people. Also, do not put too much pressure on yourself to just meet women. Cool and fun experiences generate stories that you can share. You will never run out of things to say. So get outside this summer and try to meet all sorts of interesting folk. -dcl