We Do Not Look Up Any More

“Long before we had movies, TV or electronic devices of any kind, our imagination stayed trapped in our heads, and our mind was the only stage where stories came to life.

Thousands of years ago we would look up at the stars, from all over the planet, and piece together what life was about by connecting the dots.

Humans used to have a more personal relationship with the stars. We used them for things like navigation and for telling amazing and wonderful stories to try to explain how things came to be. But hidden underneath those tales was a manual for survival.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson, COSMOS

I can’t be certain about the rest of the world but I think a lot of young North American’s have lost connection with that ancient manual.

Electronic devices can control your behaviour.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Put down the phone, parents, it could be affecting your kids.
Tech addiction.
Mobile addiction rising.
Smart phone addicts should attempt to focus on the real world.

And something called, Nomophabia  – “You are anxious whenever your phone is not in your possession. You constantly check your phone for texts and feel compelled to respond immediately. You are halfway to the store, realize you forgot your phone and turn around to go get it.” I have done this.

Electronic devices are incredibly useful, if used properly and in moderation. Take a look around at other people next time you’re out and about. See this epidemic rising. Also remember to always be mindful of your own behaviour. -dcl


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