Going To The Movie Theater By Yourself

Roll Sound

A few days ago, at the age of 31, I went alone to a movie theater for the first time in my life. I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

¬†Growing up I always thought it was weird to go to a movie by yourself.¬†I would think, “Doesn’t that person have someone to go with?”

I suppose that was a little naive of me. Back in the day I always went to the movies with my friends. We had a ritual. We would fill our backpacks with snacks, pop, beer, etc. We would sneak 3 or 4 people in. How did we do that?

2 people go in with 2 tickets and get them ripped. 1 person goes out to the waiting area with the 2 ticket stubs. Then the 1 guy brings 1 new guy back in with him with the ticket stubs. Repeat that a few times, a free movie for our buddies.

Lights, Camera, Action

There I was sitting on the right side that had only 2 seats in the row, up a bit, not too far from the door aka my new favourite spot to sit.


The theater started to fill up. I thought I’d be nice and moved my shirt and backpack off of the seat beside me. Just in case someone needed to sit there.

The seating was getting few and far between. You could see couples, young and old, standing by the front searching for seats together.

An older lady and her hubby sauntered up the stairs looking out into the sea of people for 2 perfect spots beside each other. No luck.

The next best thing was to have her sit beside me and her hubby 2 seats down in front of her. #MovieNight ruined!


But, as luck would have it, the guy that her hubby was going to sit beside, wait for it… was by himself as well! That guy was nice, he gave up his seat so that the older couple could sit beside each other.

And wouldn’t you know it, he came and sat beside me! 2 guys went to a movie alone and ended up sitting beside each other. That’s funny to me.


All in all it was a good movie and a fun time. I enjoy movies like that. I call them, “popcorn flicks”, mindless films with little re-watch-ability but flashy and fun for an hour and a bit. Going to a movie alone is something I will definitely be doing again in the near future.

How about you, have you ever gone to the movies by yourself?

PS smoking a bit of pot before the movie can certainly make it even better (smoke responsibly).



College Again

Three semesters down. One more to go.

Has it really been almost a year and a half since I started this quest of going back to school?

Damn. Time flies when you’re studying and drinking.

Only this time around, I’m a bit older and a bit wiser, so I’m not drinking AS MUCH as I did when I first went to college about seven years ago. I had way too much fun back then. That’s actually one of the reasons why I went back.

Other then the student debt, I’m glad I went back. The field of study I’m in has a high hiring rate after graduation, one of the highest in the school.

There is also a lot of opportunities for self-employment in this field as well. Something I’m considering doing once I graduate, to help pay the loan bills.

I have to admit, it feels sort of strange to have, dare is say a, “Vision” of what I want to do after graduation. I usually just kind of go with the flow and see what happens. But having an idea of what I want to do in nine months is another good change.

Pass or Fail

So, how exactly did I do? What where my grades like? How about I show you:


Not bad, eh? Considering I never got any certificates or diplomas from college all those years ago. I barely went to class. And when I did, I was usually a few beers deep or stoned out of my mind, or both.

Oh well, you live and learn. And this year I certainly learned, a lot.

Here’s to the beginning of a fun and productive summer!


What To Do When A Woman Gives You Her Phone Number

There I was, at my coop, sitting at an empty desk by myself in the staff room eating some fruit and dicking around on twitter. I don’t like to sit with other people during my breaks as they tend to only talk about stupid shit that has nothing to do with me at all. Like their silly work drama. No thanks. I’d rather talk about the weather.

As I sat there eating my snack I heard someone walk by and say, “Hey D, how is room 2 treating you?” (inside joke because I call it “room 2” instead of the other name they call it). A little bit of normal back and forth banter. Then she handed me a piece of paper and some candy:

dcllive coop.jpg

She looked a bit nervous, repeated herself, and seemed rushed. Exactly how I ask girls for their number. Pretty eye opening.

I’d like to tell you that I was super suave and cool. But not really. I felt like a hot girl. I had a big smile on my face when she gave it to me. I’m sure I looked as goofy as usual.

She said we never get a chance to hang out and chat so we should grab a drink after March Break (that’s this week). I agreed.

I don’t usually have women giving me their phone number. But it has happened a few¬†times. I expect it to happen a bit more the older I get.

I have roughly four weeks of coop left after the March Break. I’d rather not¬†go on a date with someone then see them at work the next day. ¬†I want to time the date so I don’t see her for too many times¬†at coop after the date.¬†I’d like to have a smooth exit from my coop¬†with no drama.

So all in all it was a cool experience. Here are some tips I’d recommend for the next time a woman gives you (or me) their phone number:

  • Play it cool. She might be a bit nervous so make it easy on her.
  • Take her number. Say something like, “Ya that sounds like fun. Lets meet up after….”
  • Leave the conversation and go back to what you were doing. It’s like any other day. Have the mindset of, Women give me their numbers all the time so it’s no big deal. It’s not. It’s just a number.
  • Although I haven’t yet, make the texting short and sweet. Use it for logistics for the date. At least at first.
  • Set up the date¬†ASAP.
  • Run normal Date Game.

Have any of you guys had women give you their number? If so feel free to share your story with us!

The Nervous Braindown: Episode 5 – How To Time Travel Using Your Nose

We all have our favourite smells that take us back to a time that we cannot help but remember. In this latest episode of The Nervous Braindown I show you guys How To Time Travel Using Your Nose.

In this episode I share with you:

1. How Smells Trigger Memory
2. My Favorite Smells
3. The Future of Smelling

Have a listen and don’t forget to like and subscribe¬†to my youtube channel!

1. http://newatlas.com/ohroma-vr-smell-adult/47454/
2. https://www.thoughtco.com/cosmos-a-spacetime-odyssey-recap-106-1224462
3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olfaction
4. https://digest.bps.org.uk/2008/01/21/introducing-the-brains-memory-bouncer/

The Nervous Braindown Podcast – Episode 4 – Should We Be Worried About Artificial Intelligence

After almost a year long hiatus, The Nervous Braindown Podcast is back!

The buzz on my Twitter feed is all about podcasts. I couldn’t help but get the itch to record another episode. It was fun.¬†Between the technical difficulties and the cursing I was finally able to put together this episode in a few days.

The length of the original cut was just over 20 minutes. The first 6 and a half minutes I did a bit of a “catch up” – shared a bit about me and what I’ve been up to. HOWEVER, I decided to cut that part out. Mostly for the sake of length (nobody is going to listen for 20 minutes).

I think you’ll enjoy the final cut.

Episode 4 – Should We Be Worried About Artificial Intelligence?

I talk about:

  • Types of Artificial Intelligence
  • Who thinks we should be worried?
  • How long do we have?
  • (Length: 13mins12sec)

Have a listen and let me know what you think!


Show References:

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5 Online Dating Tips For Women By Nina Agdal

There I was making a delicious Simple Single Man Meal‚ĄĘ¬†when I then hear a¬†notification on my phone go off. The sound indicates a potential hook-up from Tinder.

Wonderful, another woman has fallen victim of my mass-swiping technique. Let’s check this broad out:

dcllive nina and me.jpg

Wow! It’s none other then 24 year old world famous Danish super model, and future mother of my many children, Nina Agdal.

Could this be true? Could this be real?

Absolutely not. Just another ad. Let’s see what she’s selling:


Nice copywriting, Nina.

Best dating tips you say, well let’s check them out and see how good they are.

5 Online Dating Tips For Women By Nina Agdal

Tip #1: Wear a bright color in your profile pic to stand out.


Nina, I must say, that mustard shirt really brings out your tits eyes. Good on ya.

Peacocks (the male peafowl) are usually the ones showing their feathers to court peahens (the female peafowl). But don’t let that fowl patriarchy hold you down!

Show some color!

Tip #2: Smile! Not smiling in your profile pic reduces your chances for a right swipe.


Nina, I couldn’t agree with you more. About %50 of the women I see on Tinder aren’t smiling. What gives?

Are these women that don’t smile¬†trying look rough and tough? Do these women think we like that? Do some guys like that?¬†I’ve never heard a dude say, “Omg D, her¬†grimace is such a turn on! Her¬†wry amusement makes me feel kind of funny in the pants.”

Also, good call Nina, that mustard shirt looks better around your waist. You should show more skin.

Tip #3: Include a bio in you profile to help start the converstations.


It’s amazing how little info we guys have to work with when it comes to online dating profiles. Ladies, if you just have pictures of you and your friends, and no bio, it’s kind of hard to start the conversation. And we all know you gals¬†aren’t the ones usually making the first move.

A link to your Instagram or Snapchat account doesn’t count. All that tells me is that you’re just a social media horder.

But, then again, that could be your way of filtering out the losers. The guys that add you to all that shit are probably pussies. In that case, very clever ladies, very clever.

But seriously, put something of substance in your profile bio.

Tip #4: 60% of singles prefer an evening date.


Why do you think that is Nina? I’d like to think it’s because singles have shit to do in the day time – like work or school – like I do. But I think it’s because another reason: so they can drink they’re faces off.

There’s something about the night time that brings out peoples darker sides and an excuse to lower inhibitions, especally when drinking.

A caveat to that: summer is coming so patio drinking is upon us. I bet that 60% may drop closer to half in the coming months.

Tip #5: Most singles prefer the clean shaven look for guys.


Nina, I’m not sure I totally agree with you on this one. I’ve had women compliment my manly mane and also my clean shaven¬†countenance.

Which brings me to believe women don’t know what they want. But Nina, you already knew that.

Let’s recap:

5 Online Dating Tips For Women By Nina Agdal
  1. Wear bright colors in your profile pic, because evolution says so
  2. Smile, because nobody likes a Debbie Downer
  3. Include a bio in your profile, becuase we can’t read you goddamn mind, give us¬†something¬†to work with
  4. Suggest a date at night, because people usually have their nights open to getting down and drity
  5. Shave your face, because no woman likes a nu-male faux-beard

Nina, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help fellow gals out with the roller coaster ride that is the currect dating market. You’re doing us a great service.

And now, why we all clicked the link to read this post, some pictures of Nina:

nina agdal 1.jpg

nina agdal 3.jpg

nina agdal 4.jpg

nina agdal 6.jpg

nina agdal 7.jpg

What Should You Do When An Ex Girlfriend Contacts You? 2nd Edition

The Text

There I was, sitting at a table by myself, while on a break during my co-op placement. Enjoying some blueberries and checking my phone (and checking out potential attractive workplace-hotties walking in and out of the staff room).

I look down at my phone and see a text notification. Well, well, what do we have here. The classic, “Hey…

Women like to dip in and out of your life (examples here, here, and here ). At least the women you had somewhat of an impact on. Or the ones that are bored. Or horny. Or for really any reason (hopefully the horny one).

It can seem arbitrary when they do send you the, “Hey…” text, but believe me, there’s a method to their madness. They’re bound by their cyclical nature and crafty style.

I shared the text I got on Twitter and asked what people thought about it. Here are some responses:

dcllive text thread.jpg

dcllive text thread2.jpg
dcllive text thread3.jpg
 The Decision

I suppose as long as you’re not butthurt or worried about how you’ll act or feel around your ex, then there’s no harm in catching up. I think.

I hadn’t spoken to her since we had after-breakup-sex. That was October of last year.

Before that I hadn’t seen her since I dropped her shit off, that was a few months even further back, summer time I think.

Let’s have some fun breaking down some of this text, because that’s always fun.

Hey D, long time no talk.

Well ya. Did you expect me to contact you after we broke up? The answer is yes, yes she did.

Was thinking about you lately, this time last year I was at (EDIT: my old apartment) a lot haha.

Remember earlier I said women are cyclical? Well this time of year reminds her of me. She got to thinking how awesome I was (am) and just had to get a hold of me.

Anyway, I was also thinking about how we left off, and how I saw you a couple of months ago and just never txted you after you left.

I thought that’s what exes do – have sex a couple times after breaking up and then ghost each other. Say good-bye to romance and enjoy the decline.

I feel weird about that.

I’m actually curious as to why she feels weird¬†about that. But more importantly, who cares.

Hope all is well, just wanted to say hi

Just wanted to say hi, eh. Somehow I doubt that.


That text could’ve been worse. She could’ve said mean things in it. But it was actually quite cordial and civil.

“So D, what did you end up doing?” you may ask. Well, I did exactly what any recovering beta would do – meet up with the ex and try to get laid.

dcllive ex text.jpg

We met at a pub. Chatted a bit. Went home to my place and had sloppy drunk sex.

Here are some reactions from people when I told them I was going to meet up with the ex:

dcllive text thread4.jpg

What Should You Do When An Ex Girlfriend Contacts You?

There are a couple schools of thought on this…

  • If you aren’t butthurt about replying, go ahead. Use minimal effort though.
  • Set up a meet and greet ASAP. Don’t, “talk about things”. The most likely reason she is contacting you is to get some dick. Oblige her if you want (especially if you are on a dry streak).
  • For the love of all that is sacred and holy – WEAR A CONDOM!


  • Let her know your terms for getting back together (I highly do not recommenced this, sex is fine sure, but any other type of commitment, no thanks don’t do it!)


  • The longer you go without finding a new¬†broad the higher the risk of beta behaviours and regression.
  • Ignore her and carry on with your life (probably the best option, although I’m still trying to practice what I preach, sometimes I just need to get laid ya know?).

What do you think, what you you do?